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Data Consistency Toolbox in SAP Solution Manager – Handling DC Task List

Data Consistency Toolbox – Introduction

SAP offers ‘Solution Manager’ as the central platform within an organization for all E2E solution operations. One of the features provided by SAP Solution Manager 7.0 is the role-based Work Centers. These Work Centers can be accessed via one single transaction ‘solman_workcenter’ and offer the user a central location for the administration and operation of their solutions. Some of the Work Centers available include:

  • System Monitoring
  • Service Delivery
  • Change Management
  • etc

The Data Consistency Toolbox (DCT) is centered around Solution Manager 7.0 and is included in the ‘Business Process Operations’ Work Center. Within this Work Center there are a number of different actions the user can perform including Data Consistency Management. Here the user has two options. He can either ‘Propose Data Consistency Tasks’ or ‘Propose Data Consistency Tools’. By clicking ‘Tasks’ the user will be asked for specific search criteria such as Solution Name, Event (i.e. Initial Data Load), Source Logical Component, Product Name, Affected Logical Components etc. By clicking ‘Tools’ the user will be asked for search criteria such as Solution Name, Logical Component, Product Name, Business Object and/or Application Table. The output from the search will be the creation of a Data Consistency Toolbox Analysis session. This session will be visible in the session list on the Work Center. The user will be able to navigate directly from here to the session itself.image

Data Consistency Toolbox – Analysis Session

As mentioned the DCT Analysis session consists of two distinct consistency checks:

The current blog deals with the details of DC Task List session only. Please follow the link above to find more details about the DC Tool Catalogue session.  

Data Consistency Task List 

The purpose of the Task List session is to provide customers with the necessary Data Consistency Management tasks to facilitate data consistency investigations.   

Example use-case

A customer has an integrated scenario with ERP and CRM. They make a mass update of material masters in ERP and they wish to confirm that all material updates replicated correctly from ERP to CRM. The Task session provides a list of what to check and direct navigation into the corresponding transactions, check programs or best practice documents:

  • Check outbound queues in ERP,
  • Check inbound queues in CRM,
  • Check for BDoc messages in error state,
  • Run CRM DIMa (Data Integrity Manager) for materials.  

In general, a task can be any of the following: 

  • Remote transaction call into target system
  • Remote program execution in target system
  • Remote function call in target system
  • Text instructions/description
  • URL, e.g. link to SAP Help Portal, SAP Service Marketplace (also for SAP Notes), custom-specific documentation

The customer can create a session in the Solution Manager Work Center by clicking on the ‘Propose Data Consistency Tasks’ button. For example if a customer wishes to ensure data consistency in relation to Sales Documents on their ERP system, he would create a Task List session by entering the following information in the Solution Manager Work Center: 
Solution: Example_Solution
Event: General Consistency Analysis
SAP Product: SAP Enterprise Resource Planning
Business Object: ERP Sales Document    
These details will then be used to search the customizing table DSWP_DCT_TASKS for tasks which should be performed on the logical components of the solution to ensure consistency. The session will then create a check tree for each logical component that have tasks which should be performed.

Task Session

In this example many tasks were returned which have to be performed on the logical component ECC_M50_800. In each task the user can open a Service Desk Message for their Solution Manager help desk and enter a comment and a rating which will be displayed in the task summary. The task summary and the overall session rating will be visible in the Solution Manager Work Center afterwards.

Task Summary

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