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Applying SAP Netweaver 7 SP18


I would like to Share my Experience of Applying SAP Netweaver 7 Support Pack 18 to EP 7.

First of all Read the Support Pack Stack Guide Carefully.

Important SAP Notes.

SAP Note



JSPM required disk space


Error when launching KM Document iViews and URL iViews


JSPM shuts down with NullPointerException during validation

Important Steps:

1. Download the Support Package Stack software from

a) Choose Target Stack as SP18 and the required Usage Types

b) Select Component Versions and Configuration (OS and DB)

c) Click Save as File to Download SPSTab.xml file.

d) Click Add to download basket

2. for the Components Requiring Approval, Login to Solution Manager and Approve the Component Download.

3. Transfer the software to JSPM inbox Directory of Portal OS along with the XML File.      

4. Select JSPM option for Updating the JSPM to SP18

5. After Successful Application, Restart SDM

6. Select Support and Enhancement Package Stack Option to apply SP18

7. After Successful Application, exit and Again Login to JSPM.

8. Select Single Support Packages option to apply Patch (Refer note 1319278)


h4.                               Troubleshooting:

Error in Validation Phase (Null Pointer Exception)

NullPointerException is Displayed


Refer SAP Note 1020008 – JSPM shuts down with NullPointerException during validation

If that is not the case then, Find out the Component which is causing trouble, Download the same again from, transfer to JSPM Inbox Directory and Restart the Deployment.


Error in Cheque Queue

The Components will be marked as REVISE in the Cheque Queue.


Most probably the Component is not present in the JSPM inbox Directory, Transfer the archive to JSPM inbox Directory and Restart the Deployment.


SAPOSCOL error in Deployment

Deployment stops with SAPOSCOL error.


 Refer Copy_01.ERR File in the Logs.      

If you find entry like this:

+ /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/exe/run/saposcol: Not owner+</p><p>Then this is a ownership issue of <SID>adm</p><p>Assign the ownership of saposcol to <SID>adm</p><p align=”center”>Partial Deployment

Some Times JSPM may deploy only some components and Displays that Deployment is Finished.  (Especially if SAPOSCOL error occurred and was corrected)


Just Click Resume and everything will go smooth.

A dispatcher is running on the instance…

After all the Components are deployed it takes quite a time to finish the Deployment and the JSPM Continuously shows the message  “*A dispatcher is running on the instance…” Nothing to worry here, after some time the JSPM informs you that Deployment is finished.</p><p>Happy patching *</p>

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