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Learning SAP BW, The Twitter way – BW-Tweet #3

After couple of these BW tweets (first one – Learning SAP BW, The Twitter way – BW-Tweet #1 and second one – Learning SAP BW, The Twitter way – BW-Tweet #2) there is increased traffic on and We (as going forward anyone, even you can contribute to this one) are sure that you are enjoying this weekly micro-blog (read tweet) every Monday –


And this one comes from my colleague and dear friend Sunmit Bhandari(




Did you try this TCode? –

Transaction RSSMQ – Used to check user authorization for queries or planning layouts. Utility for system admin to manage and understand user authorization from a single transaction.





Disclaimer – Idea is to learn something in couple of seconds without going through lengthy blogs or articles. BW-Tweet hopes to exist with blogs and articles rather than replacing those. Also this is reproduction of concepts and in no way qualify as an original piece of work.

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  • i think the twitter idea is great,unless its done with careful investigation. pls note that this tcode: RSSMQ is obsolete in 04’s and SAP suggests using RSECADMIN….hope to see clear details in your next tweet ….

    happy tweeting !

  • the duplication. If they’re a tweet, then leave them that way. If I want to follow them, I will by using the twitter mechanism. If I’m not interested in following them, then why are they appearing in the SDN blogs?


    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your comment and interest in the micro-blog. There has been bit of confusion around these micro blogs and trust me these are blogs (micro) which are being posted (URLs) on twitter rather than other way around. (So is there existence)

      Appreciate your feedback.