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Developing Mobile Device applications using ITS !!

Recently I worked in a project where the clients requirement was to integrate handheld RF devices with SAP .

I looked for blogs and post in SDN’s but could not find much on this (I need to improve my search capability…..:-) )… so decided to contribute in my own ….

Lets now start with the approaches for developing the application for RF device :

  • SAPConsole

  • ITSMobile

  • Mobile Web Dynpro…etc


The document by Peak Technologies will help a lot in taking up the final call.

In this document we will go with the approach of SAP ITS Mobile….

SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) was the first approach of SAP to extend business applications to a Web Browser or the Internet by converting SAP dynpro screens into HTML format making it possible to access SAP systems with user-friendly Web technology. SAP ITS as middleware component provides Web access for several SAP products like SAP ERP, SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), SAP Employee Self Services (ESS), SAP Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP).

The Internet Transaction Server was first only available as standalone engine. With SAP NW 04 (SAP Web AS 6.40), ITS has been integrated into the SAP NetWeaver component as an Internet Communication Framework (ICF) service, which you can access, like other services, through the Internet Communication Manager (ICM). With the ITS integrated in the SAP Web Application Server, the web browser communicates directly with the SAP system. Furthermore, all ITS-related sources, such as service files, HTML templates, or MIME files, are stored in the database of the SAP system.

The only currently supported standalone ITS version is ITS 6.20. SAP ITS 6.20 can be used to connect to SAP systems of various releases, but note that SAP ITS 6.20 is not released to connect to SAP systems based on SAP NW 7.0 (2004s) or higher. For this purpose, the SAP integrated ITS has to be used. SAP ITS 6.20 will  be long-term supported for SAP products based on SAP NW 2004 and below as long as these products are supported. Only the support on Windows platforms is restricted as per SAP note 959781 (to follow this link SAP Service Marketplace Login is required).


For further understanding : Internet Transaction Server (ITS) Types


Let’s jump into development now…

Steps for developing application :

  • Design and develop the Application using screen and ABAP Programming.

  • Create an Internet service in SE80.

  • Generate the HTML templates of the screen developed (If required you can create your HTML generator also for generating HTML templates) under the created Internet service. We can generate templates through SE80 as well as from Screen painter.

  • Publish the service.

  • Create the service in SICF, activate the service.


SAP Help for the same:


Check points:

  • While developing the application Use only those UI elements which can be rendered on browser screen…like support for Table control not exists so better go for Step loops for similar functionality.

  • For every change in screen, templates need to be generated and published. Use Program : SIAC_REGENERATE_TEMPLATES for regenerating the templates and SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INTERNAL for republishing the templates .

  • Run Transaction – SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INT for publishing all services which helps ITS services to run properly.

  • SAP has provided standard LM transactions for warehouse related activities.

  • For SAP’s standard LM transaction. Imp notes to apply – 1128698 , 1314590 , 1239937, 1119502 , 1119053 .

Hope the blog was helpful !!!


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