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CRM – 3 Versions of the Account Overview-Page

Whenever you talk with users about Account Management in CRM they tell you that the Account Overview-Page either has too much information or that there is not enough information visible.

For sure, almost all users have learned how to expand/collapse assignment-blocks, how to change the position, the number of default entries or how to hide/unhide assignment-blocks via personalization.

However there are still users not aware that there are different Account-Overviews available in CRM Web-UI for different Use-Cases.

Illustration: Within the Account Overview Page the online Fact Sheet or the PDF Fact Sheet can get opened if the user opens the context-menu of the “More-Button” 


A)    The online Account Overview

The default entry-point for any Account (Corporate, Individual or Group) is the Account Overview-Page. Here the user can maintain the Account. He can see a lot of related information and can assign related Objects like Activities, Opportunities, etc.

Currently there are about 50 different assignment-blocks available per default.

Starting from the Account Overview Page it is possible to navigate directly to all related CRM Objects.


B)    The online Account Fact Sheet

The online Account Fact Sheet offers the complete 360° View of the account. It’s a more information-driven overview of the account and contains more assignment-blocks as the online Account Overview. The Account Fact Sheet not only offers CRM content but also assignment blocks with content from BI and ERP.


C)    The PDF Fact Sheet

The third version of the Account Overview is a Fact Sheet in PDF-Format. The PDF Fact Sheet doesn’t offer any option for personalization and contains only a subset of the Assignment-Blocks of the online Fact Sheet. One interesting aspect of the PDF Fact Sheet is the option to distribute this PDF via Groupware-Integration. If the Sales Rep. creates an appointment he can assign the PDF Fact Sheet and this will get distributed to all attendees via Groupware. The user can store this PDF Fact Sheet or he can use the Print-Out.


So, in principle there are different Account Overviews for different Use Cases – one transaction-driven (online Account Overview), one information-driven (online Account Fact Sheet) and one offline Account Overview (PDF Fact Sheet) are available in CRM WebUI.


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