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The Material View is probably among the most unknown Sales Order Enhancements in SD.
Let’s change that – your sales reps will love it!
The Material View improves the sales order entry experience significantly as it helps sales reps to reduce their navigation effort back and forth down to a few clicks when answering customer’s and their own questions.
And the best is: The Material View is configured and activated in just 30min!
Did I make you curious? Good!

Let’s first start with the business problem:

I’m sure you heard common customer questions like these a million times:
  • I need more items than you have in stock in your store. Could you please check if more are available in other stores?” 
  • Why is the product so expensive? Last time I paid 50 dollars, and now it’s 58. Has there been a price change recently,
    or is there a scale price I could benefit from when I increase my order quantity?
  • I urgently need 100 pieces in two days delivered. If you haven’t so many in stock, could you please call your supplier to make sure I get’em in time?
  • “Are there any alternative or upselling/downselling/cross selling products?”
Lots of navigation is required you might think.
NO, it’s not – it’s one click when you have the Material View activated in va01!
Just mark the corresponding sales item(s) in your ERP sales order and click on a new button “Material View” in the lower toolbar (see red circle below):
Material View 0
A consolidated page appears, the Material View, from which you’ll get all the information you need to answer all those types of questions:
Material View 1
Material View 2
(The picture is taken from an IS Retail system, that’s why it says “Article” instead of “Material” and some other terms. However, this ERP core feature works with all ERP 6.0 EhP2+ systems, regardless of whether it is an industry solution or ERP standard.)
So with one click in the ERP Sales Order the Material View gives you a consolidated 1-page view with the most important material and sales data,
like the most important material basic data, dimensions, alternative/up/down/cross selling materials, basic and sales texts, regular vendor information, ATP stock availability, list prices and customer sales prices incl. scales, plus an overview of the last sales orders of the customer for the selected material.
Where does all this information come from?
The information is pulled out of the corresponding standard tables in ERP in the moment you call the Material View for a selected sales order item.
Material Data are from Material Master tables, prices are calculated using the org data and conditions in customizing, scale prices are read from the corresponding tables, etc…
Everything is pulled out of the very same ERP tables the sales rep would access via the  corresponding applications. Up- and downselling products are determined using new BAdIs, as the calculation of the margin. No BW, CRM or TREX index is required, just ERP.
Will the Material View potentially mess up my Sales Order?
No. The Material View is called via RFC from the Sales Order. It is a pure display functionality, without affecting the Sales Order in any way. In fact the Material View uses information provided by the Sales Order, like Org Data, conditions, etc, but does not transfer any information back to the Sales Order. So your Sales Order configuration and behavior remains untouched – promised!
All my questions answered with one click, alright. So where’s the hitch?

Trust me, there is none!

  • All you need is a SAP ERP 6.0 system with Enhancement Package 2 or higher. No BW, no CRM, no search engine, no services, no NetWeaver, no limitation to specific industry solutions, no nothing! It’s a generic ERP core function!
  • No extra costs or licenses. It’s a continuous ERP improvement.
  • No performance decrease – on the contrary! Your sales reps get the required information faster, without a further need to navigate.
  • Simple installation, done in 30 min max.

OK, I want it. How do I get it?
Here you find everything you need:
  • How to add customer specific tabs in Material View?
    You can add one customer specific tab per frame which already contains tabs. Therefore you have to enhance the existing coding using the enhancement spots. For EhP2 and 3 please read SAP note 1096359. For EhP4 and 5 please read SAP note 1470088.
  • How can I use alternative materials and cross-/up-/down-sessling proposals in ERP. Isn’t this a SAP CRM functionality?
    This functionality has been implemented as BAdIs to be used in the Material View. You can find these BAdIs in Customizing IMG > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Additional Functions for Material > Enhancements using Business Add-Ins > Business Add-Ins for Material View.
    In our demo system we have I implemented all relations in a single Z-table.
Any questions are welcome!
Enjoy and post your experiences with the Material View!
Best regards,
Dr. Ingo Woesner
Product Manager
Suite Development – Multi Channel
P.S. All my blogs about Sales Order Enhancements are collected here:
Sales Order Enhancement Series: Overview
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  1. Former Member
    I activated the Material View enhancement as per the configuration guide.  Most of the data is displaying.  But, the alternate unit of measures and the sales text are not.  Is there some additional configuration that I need to do to activate these?  Any help would be appreciated.

    Joan Swan

    1. Ingo Woesner Post author
      The Material View is not designed to be very flexible or extendable.

      But there are two things you can do to avoid a core modification:

      Option 1)
      use the BAdI “Enhancement of Material View with Additional Screens” to add a new tab in the top frame. Within this tab you can display whatever you want.
      – disadvantage: you have to create a whole tab content from scratch

      Option 2)
      Copy the Material View package to Z-namespace. Within the copy you can extend the code without having a modification. Use the BAdI “BAdI: Customer-Specific Material View” to call the copy when calling the Material View.
      – disadvantage: The Material View was slightly extended in Enhancement Pack 5. You would have to make these changes manually.

      1. Former Member
        Dr Igno

        Thank you for your quick response.  Could you please tell me if the Enhancement Pack 5 extension changes will affect the ability to change the tab in any way?

        Currently the request from our business community is for us to build a list of alternate materials containing Material number, catalog number, Description, Product Hierarchy, Vendor name, and Customer Material number.  They do not want to see the pricing info etc. We do have Guixt at our facility so that might give us some additional flexibility. 

        Thanks for your input

      2. Former Member
        Dr Igno,

        Thank you for your quick response to my first question. Your input is very helpful.  Followup question.  Will the “slightly extended in Enhancement Pack 5”  affect the ability to change the tab?

        My requirement is that I provide an output list of alternate material numbers with catalog numbers, description, product Heirarchy, Vendor name, and customer material number. My business anaylysts do not want the current info offered such as price, etc. 


      3. Former Member
        My response to your reply has not registered so have repeated it. My apologies if you receive it multiple times.

        Your original response was very helpful. We had a followup question. Will the “slightly extended in Enhancement Pack 5” affect the ability to change the tab.  I appreciate your input.


        1. Ingo Woesner Post author
          Hi Ellie,

          the (minor) changes in EhP5 do not affect the tabs in the upper part of the screen.

          Changes comprise:
          – in vendor tab all vendors can now be seen (incl. the info which one is the regular vendor), plus button to call the corresponding purchasing info record

          – in Availability tab a new button was introduced to call the stock overview transaction

          – in tab “Last Sales Orders” new fields are displayed (Status, billing block, created by). double clicking on the sales order numbers calls the va03 of this sales order.


  2. Ingo Woesner Post author

    Calculation of Contribution Margin

    The calculation of the margin is often company specific. Therefore a BAdI is provided to implement a customer specific algorithm, to show the calculated margin in the Material View.

    You can find the BAdI in IMG > Sales &Distribution > Basic Functions > Additional Functions for Material > Enhancements using Business Add-Ins > Business Add-Ins for Material View > BAdI: Calculation of Contribution Margin.



  3. Former Member

    Hi Ingo,

    We are implementing the Article View and I have a quick question regarding the List Price Overview section. Do you know if there is a way to configure the validity period included in the list? i.e. at the moment it seems to include all past, present and future changes in the list price. We would like to restrict it for example so that it doesn’t include all past changes (as the list could get quite long over time).

    I know there is a configuration option for the Last Sales Orders to limit the period it looks at – is there something similar for the list prices?



    1. Ingo Woesner Post author

      Hi Alex,

      unfortunately there is no customizing option to influence the validity period of prices. All past and future prices are shown.

      The only you can do is to modify it, I’m sorry.

      The Material View is quite matured and most likely there won’t be any future updates. So your modification should be without any effect to future compatibility.

      Best regards,


  4. Former Member

    Hi Ingo,

    We have activated Business function LOG_SD_CI_02 for Material view. but we are not able to get data in ‘List price overview and  Scale prices’ under Sales Prices Tab. We have done the required configuration. Could you please help me what could be the reason. Thanks in Advance.

    Note: We have upgraded to  EHP6 FOR SAP ERP 6.0




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