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Support Tool for application integration on SAP Enterprise Portal

I’m sure you are all familiar with the appintegrator component in the portal which enables you to integrate various backend applications such as BW/BI reports, BSP applications, transactions (WebGUI, WinGUI). IAC applications and more. If you want you can read more about it in here:

The purpose of this Blog is to explain about the new AI support tool that will help customers manage their AI content and easily identify configuration issues and solve them on the spot. In order to use the support tool you need to implement the SAP note #1363143 or to follow the steps described here.

Steps to run the Support Tool:

1. Download the attached PAR file: ‘’ Unzip it and deploy it in your portal.

2. To start the tool, navigate to:


Or to

and then start AIViewer application.

3. The default PCD loaction is ‘pcd:portal_content’ which is not the recommended location to use since it will scan all of your PCD and this
could take a very long time or maybe even crash the search due to out of memory on portals that has huge number of iViews. The recommended way is to uncheck the ‘Use default location’ option and to specify a more specific PCD location such as:
‘pcd:portal_content/every_user’ and then click on the ‘Find iViews’ button to get the results.

After deploying the PAR file and clicking on the ‘Find iViews’ button you will get the results in the form of two tables:


The iViews table

Each row on the table represents one appintegrator iview that was found during the lookup process.

The search scope of the lookup process on the PCD is SUBTREE_SCOPE meaning that some of the search results can be iview inside a page or iview inside a role. The iView ID will tell us the story about the PCD location of that specific iView.

The ‘+’ button

In order to see the full PCD location (if it’s a long PCD location) you click on the ‘+’ button to fully extend the ID of the iView, the ‘+’ sign will be changed to ‘-‘. you can click back and forth on this button to revert from short to full iView ID.


The ‘Test iView’ button

At the end of each row you have a button called ‘Test iView’. While clicking on this button the iView (of the specified row) is launched in a new window.

Please take the following video tour for more information:

Download the PAR file (extract it from

Related SAP Note:

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      Good tool and very useful for doing analysis of the integration iview and ensuring systems are connected quickly and easily.

      I have one problem, when launching the iview I appear to be always prompted about session management, when using UIDPW (User Mapping) and unable to discover why the details aren't sent to the remote web server.

      Obviously the remote servers will be in another domain, so can understand why the message would appear, but unable to see where this can be controlled to access these different domains.

      Example.  Using integrator iview and user mapping information to automatically logon to, but portal being in a address.

      Any ideas?

      Kai Chalker

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Kai Chalker,

      Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the DSM message you it is happening as you mentioned probably because of different domains of the portal and the backends. What I usually do if I wish to workaround this (without changing domains) is change the portal domain on my PC:

      1)   Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on your computer and open it for edit.
      2)  Go to CMD and ping the portal server name and see the IP address of the portal.
      3)  Define in the hosts file the IP of the portal with the domain of the backend and SAVE.

      3) Navigate to your portal with its new name and see that it works.

      BTW - The support tool only launches the existing IViews the same way as they would have been launched in the portal with all of the parameters. So the domain problem here would happen also if you launch these IViews in the portal (there is no special behavior in the AIViewer tool).

      If you need any more clarification please don't hesitate to ask me.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Ehud Felus | Installed Base Maintenance & Support | Enterprise Portal | SAP Israel

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      Former Member
      The URL you use to the note is not quite correct. You have used a link that won't work outside the SAP corporate network.
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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks a lot. The link was fixed.
      Author's profile photo Martin English
      Martin English
      This is working for me, now.