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SDN Homepage for Mobile Devices (Beta)

Here’s something new to try: open in your mobile phone’s browser.  It’s a lean version of the SDN homepage complete with top level links, information banners and several newsgator feeds covering popular topics. 

I hope that you find this a convinient way of getting a preview of recent SAP Developer Network activity while on your way to/from work or when your stuck at the supermarket checkout counter.  Some of you with larger screens on your mobile device (iPhone Android and so on) can also use this as a jumping point to the rest of the SAP Community Network.

Most of my testing was performed using Opera Mini (it’s really great, by the way) but I had a chance to check it from a variety of other mobile devices courtesy of some friends…I just hope we stay friends after they get their mobile bill at the end of the month!

I’ll keep my eye on the visits to the page and if the response is positive, I’ll look for ways to expand this service and take it to the next level. 

One last note: I’d like to thank my colleague Aleks Barilko for inspiring and help with testing this ‘little’ project.

Update 04-Aug-09

At left is a demo on an Opera Mini Browser simulator.  I’ve also recorded an iPhone simulator demo.

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  • Works very well on the Motorola phone using the Opera browser.

    Very sluggish when using the default Internet Exploder browser though.

    Great job!


  • Hi,

    Great idea! I tried it with my iPhone and it works. Only issue is it is not formatted for my screen and fills only about 40% of the screen real estate. Anything I can do to change this OR are you planning formatted versions for these phones?

    • Hi - Right now we're trying a one-size-fits-all solution.  I've updated the table width so that it is optimized for iPhone (Wide Format, 480px).  You will need to zoom in a bit but at least it's optimized for the available screen size.
  • Jason:

    Test it on my Berry Pearl 8100 using first I see it as a regular page but after using the zoom, I could get all the SCN Mobile feeling -;)

    Great from my side! -:D


  • Hi Jason,

    Great work. Always handy to have SDN "on the way".
    I tried it on a HTC Touch HD (WVGA = 480x800 pixels).

    As browser i tried opera mobile 9.5.
    It's only using appx 60% of the screen (width in portrait mode) and only 30% of the screen (width in landscape mode. off-course i can zoom in, but that only magnifies the page.

    With internet explorer it took some time to load (compared to opera). Have the same "small" size.

    I will try the functionality the next couple of days.



      • Hi Jason,

        What a service 😉 !!!

        I stick to Opera for this site (better performing).

        When unzoomed it makes better use of screen resolution. (80% of screen width portrait / 50% of screen width landscape).

        In landscape (zoomed in) it's perfect now!

        Thanks for the quick response.

        I'll keep browsing and give feedback.