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Loyalty Rewarded

Couple of day’s back I got a call from a Job consultancy regarding a job opportunity in a consulting firm. I usually respond to these calls by saying a clear ‘No’ but this time I was left undecided and Just said “let me think about it’. May be being in assistance with people who have changed job more than their number of years of experience for reasons like better job opportunities (still looking a definition for this), perks, onsite projects was responsible for my indecision. The same day I was going through Linkedin and I came across a very interesting profile. This profile says a lot and is highly self explanatory.


The career progression that we are seeing is in a single company. From a mere Sales officer he has grown up to become the Deputy General Manager of the company. Isn’t that a great achievement? 23 years in a single company with a fantastic growth rate. This is a true example of commitment, hardwork, leadership, effort and loyalty being rewarded. Who says that loyalty and hard work never pays? Just imagine what kind of legacy he might be carrying along with him.He might have seen all ups and downs of the company. He will know in and out of the product,process people and will have huge friends and contacts in the company. I am very sure that these are not the kind of profiles which we will get to see frequently. Hats off to these personalities and their efforts.

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  • what you said is true. especially in IT Industry we see so many ppl leaving for various reasons and loyalty and commitment are hardly considered when it comes to a job change.
        • Thanks Jayaram  for the comments

          Yes I also agree with you. Some times company takes people staying in one company for granted and pays no respect. But if there is no value for one in the company then one should  move to a better place where his experiance is much appreciated.By staying in the same company in this case he is doing injustice to himself.

          Hope you agree