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               The insipiration for writing this blog came from the WebI forums, where I once posted a question that bogged me down. The question was “how to create  a hyperlink “on the fields in WebI that are not marked mandatory and therefore they may be null or empty.To my surprise, I found there were lot of BOBJ developers  who were struggling on the same issue. Here in this blog, I have tried to cover the problem and the relevant solution. 

Consider for e.g. we have field named “Amount” in cross-tab table where few fields are empty as shown in figure below.





Now, we put the hyperlink on the cell by rightclick–> New Hyperlink and the following pop-up window would appear.




Specify your link over here. for e.g. write “” . Specify click parse for input parameters. Specify current/New Window . Click OK. You will see the following UGLY screen. 




We can see here, the fields that are not null are properly displayed with hyperlink but the null or empty fields (marked in Red) shows the URL of the next page, which is intolerable by client/user who is viewing the reports.

To rectify this problem. Click on formula toolbar which would look like below image.




On this toolbar, use the formula If(IsNumber) and Then on the Amount Field as shown in the figure below.




Click Ok and the error will be rectified as shown below.




Everytime you make a change in Hyperlink (parameters or  URL) this error would re-occur. Therefore, the change in formula toolbar should be done after editing the hyperlink. If there is Text field then NotNull and <>(Not equal to) should be used for getting the same results. 

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