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SAP Community Day – SAP TechEd

I read Craig Cmehil’s blog from July 22.  We only had 13 sessions submitted?  I thought to myself, really?  We have so many talented people in SDN.

Now, I don’t consider myself an expert.  I have had many different projects that I love to share.   Basically they are real world projects.  This is how we did things and what technology we used.  Then I can add some thoughts on what could have gone better.  I try to write and present with common sense in mind.

There has to be many of you out there that have used something new.  New to you is new to many of us.  Think about something that could easily be changed into a presentation.   Why not use it as community day presentation? 

The last blog I read, it said “we”, the people from SDN, then vote on what is interesting to us.   So you’ll find out quickly if what you want to present is what people want to know about.  I don’t think you have to be THE EXPERT.  I think you have to know enough about your subject to present a nice overview, and give examples.  I love examples.  I keep the examples in folders to go back to.  I never know when I might need them.

Now you are thinking someone knows more about my subject than I do.   That could happen and does with the things that I present.  But that someone did not offer up to share his or her knowledge and you did.   They may add some things to your presentation that you didn’t think about.  And YOU WILL BENIFET.  How cool is that?

The date for submission is coming up fast.  July 31st.  I did submit something.  I am not the “expert”.  I have real live experience with how to move from standard ABAP programming to ABAP objects.   I thought I’d share.  Does someone know more than me about the subject?  Probably.  And maybe they will share their thoughts during the presentation to make it a learning experience for me too!  I hope they do.  Maybe the presentation will not be Sessions for SAP Community Day and SAP TechEdon.  (Note they removed the theme for the community day presentations.) That’s OK to.  I made the effort to submit something.  And you should too!  SDN only works with people like you.  

You are the people that answer questions, and volunteer.  So why not make the effort and volunteer for one more thing? I am not an SAP employee.  (I say that in a lot of my posts.)  I am someone who enjoys sharing information.   And I love SDN.  I get a lot more out of it than I share. 

Take a moment.  Think about what projects you’ve been on.   What could you do a presentation on?  Then fill out the quick and easy form before July 31st.  There is not a theme, and anything goes.

I read a great blog from Kevin Benedict. It was about Investing in SDN Blogging.  It could easily be extended to presenting.  You have a great idea – share it!  If we’ve done it before, we can add to your presentation.

My main motivator for trying to do a presentation:

I’m a shy person.  If someone comes up to me to chat, I love it.   I can talk up a storm.  But I’m not a person to approach others.  It’s so much easier when they come to say hi.

I am presenting at TechEd.  One of my major goals!  I get a check by it.  Please feel free to stop by and take a look.  I’m thinking I’ll write a blog about it.   It’s about ABAP Portals.  I figure even if no one stops, because of scheduling, I’ll be happy.  (I submitted through ASUG without the restrictions on SDN submissions.)

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  • I’m actually on vacation but could not resist in popping in to say “Nice Blog!” congrats on our session being selected and thank you for submitting one for the virtual community day I certainly hope others will follow your lead! We still have less than 20.


    • On vacation? Doesn’t vacation mean leaving all this SAP (SDN) things behind.  Anyway, thank you for the nice comment!  Hopefully, more people will volunteer.
  • Maybe I should do a session on “how to present”!  I used to be terrified of doing any kind of presentation.  But, since doing a three day course at the London Chamber of Commerce (mumble, mumble) years ago, I’ve never looked back.

    It’s a learnable skill.  It doesn’t matter how quiet you are normally, you can acquire this skill.  For example, Craig is of course and extremely shy and introverted guy – but you’d never guess it when he’s on stage… 😉

    • I like the idea of a session on “how to present”.  I would go to it.  We have a similar class on presenting skills here at work.  However, it doesn’t cover the technical type presentations that we do.   I always love to learn something new.

      I did my first presentation at work.  I moved forward with the last community day.  It was an awesome experience.  I met a lot of people that I wouldn’t have.

    • I may not have my session voted on.  However, I defently will take a look at your webcast.  The push back on objects is amazing to me.   A lot of people do not want to learn them.  I have just started this last year.