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Master Data Management Represented in BPX Community Space

In the SDN Community space there have been repeated discussions about which information is exactly needed. Should it be merely IT-related content, exclusively treating the technical aspects that are relevant for software developers and technical consultants, or should this community channel also provide a broader picture that also integrates information about the underlying business dimension of the software.  There is no once and for all answer to this since SDN covers both areas with a predominant IT spin and others where the IT and business aspects are very close.

When it comes to master data management, it becomes very clear that it is about IT and business matters alike: The impact of applied MDM on business execution in diversified IT landscapes is dramatic (which, after all is the main reason why there is such as a thing as MDM), and therefore I’d consider the business context always as an intrinsic part of MDM. To get an overview of the MDM business impact, you may watch this animated 3-minute-demo.

Finally, this means nothing more than that comprehensive MDM information for the community needs to cover the What, How and the Why adjusted to the specific target group.


This figure perfectly illustrates the bottom-up impact of the quality of master data on related business transactions and analytical processes. If, in a specific business situation [e. g., during a Merger & Acquisition phase] the quality of master data decreases, it is very likely that the quality of related business and analytical processes deteriorates as well.


To pay tribute to this natural ambivalence of MDM being relevant for the IT and the business world, it is clear that MDM needs its due space on BPX where the MDM business dimension is focused.

As a consequence, Master Data Management is going to be featured in the BPX Community space under Business Themes starting today.

I hope you’ll find this “new” BPX topic interesting and the information therein beneficial for your business.

Kind regards,


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