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Here a prezi presentation to tell the passion most of the specialists working for Techedge have for the SAP Community Network (SCN).


Tip: click on the arrow to begin and after some seconds on the arrow on the bottom-right to procede.


Let me now ask to you an easy question:

Where can you ask for suggestions (forums), study specific topics (articles), watch how-to-do videos (eLearning), build the SAP specific wikipedia (wiki) and exchange great ideas (weblogs)?

and let’s see if you’ll find the right answer between the followings:

1) in Twitter                2) in Facebook                3) in SAP Community Network (SCN)


Everyone working in the SAP eco-system well knows which is the web site that provides the most value and especially if you have never been involved in any innovative project, I’m sure you appreciated the SAP Community Network (SCN).

Now, I would like to tell you something more about SCN and Techedge, the system integrator (SAP Alliance Service Partner in Italy) for which I’m working with.

Techedge was founded more or less in the same days of SCN (SDN) and since the beginning its focus was on innovation that in those days was everything under the NetWeaver umbrella. The ‘edge‘ in Techedge could indeed be interpreted as SAP PI, SAP Portal, SAP MDM, SAP BI, SOA, Web Dynpro and last but not least Adobe IF and Adobe Flex and many others with a special focus about SAP SRM.

I think that the success of Techedge has been possible also thanks to SCN because when you are an early adopter, SCN is really essential and it becomes also one of your best friend.

But the passion for SCN comes into its own when you begin to share your own ideas, experiences and even piece of code and in Techedge we are always happy to contribute to the community, we often discuss about its contents and we even organize our own internal Jam Sessions.

In SCN you’ll find not only SAP specific topics but also a lot of other IT related stuff; for example Mark Finner (Assemble Your Tribe – Community Building in the 21st Century) pointed the attention to prezi that is a cool online presentation tool that I used to create the presentation at the begin of this blog.


Probably, also thanks to Mark, prezi won the World Technology Award (WTA) for Arts and got an important Fund (Prezi Gains VC Funding).

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  1. Mark Finnern
    Hi Sergio,
    I wasn’t aware of all the things that TechEdge has shared with the community. Really great and thank you for that.

    Thanks also for pointing to my Assemble Your Tribe presentation.

    Even though some said that mine is above most what is on Prezi’s showcase page, I have not been approached by them or seen it being featured.

    So no, I don’t think I have anything to do with them getting a prize and new funding.

    Love it nevertheless, Mark.

  2. Otto Gold
    Hello Sergio,
    I started my research on other Lemons and because we talked a lot in Berlin, I started the reading with your blogs. This one is very nice… I only miss some links (like the one to check out what your Adobe guys published) but will hopefully get through:))
    Nice job anyway,
    cheers Otto
    1. Sergio Ferrari Post author
      Thanks a lot for your comments Otto, I’m sure your already preparing your own Prezi presentation to tell your story about SDN.
      About the links related to Adobe your right, I’ve to fix them. One is for sure pointing to the following blog [original link is broken] [original link is broken] The other was about an Adobe Interactive Forms contest run during 2009 but I have to find the link.



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