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We are open for OpenID!

Starting Monday, July 27, we at SAP Community Networks are jumping on the OpenID bandwagon.

We are happy to announce that we will now serve as an OpenID provider.


What is open ID?


It is a Single Sign-On Service for the Internet, managed by Open ID foundation.

The idea behind OpenID is that you choose one OpenID URL, and can use it across multiple websites. No need to remember multiple passwords and user names, you can use the same identity to log onto different sites.


With the introduction of the SAP Community Networks OpenID, websites can allow our members to logon to their site.


For you, community members:

  • This will help you have control of your login to external sites.
  • You will only need to provide your OpenID to start a new account reducing registration friction.
  • You will receive a more personalized service faster.
  • You won’t have to trust sites with your information; we will authenticate and confirm you.
  • In a future release, you will also be able to choose which profile information will be exposed to the sites you log on to


We hope this will improve your user experience and lead to many blessed cooperation.


Want to try it out?

Go in to your profile; choose your SAP OpenID URL.

You now have a unique SAP OpenID, which you can use with external sites,

Try it out in a site that accepts OpenID, for example:


If you have any comments or feedbacks, please share them

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  • So it will just be an OpenID provider and not a consumer, i.e. I can't add my existing OpenID account to my SAP SDN account?

    When I go to my profile and specify an OpenID name and press 'save' it saves it. Then if I edit another part of my profile and press 'save' I then get an error saying that the OpenID name I have is already registered. I have tried this with 4 names now (some obscure which are unlikely to have already been taken).

    • I second that. SCN as an OpenID consumer would be far more useful to me than SCN as an OpenID provider. Everyone seems to be an OpenID provider these days and it's nice to see SCN join the party, but what I could really use is an SCN ID that I can remember 🙂 My OpenID (, for example) would do the trick nicely as a way to log in to SCN.
      • Agree 100%, everyone wants to provide but few want to accept. My vote is there as well (as it was in the beginning when we decided to be a provider) we have 7 votes now.
        • Normal, being provider you are getting information about the web sites your "users" go frequently
          you get that information 'for free'.
          it is interesting to become provider. But you do not get any benefit accepting it.
          So, it is a bad business.
          • hi,
            i'm not saying that is "bad" for business. what i say is that the "benefit" is not as immediate and it requires more work.
            the demonstration is that a lot of "business" start providing it, and very few of them accept it.
            I already have an openID account from long time (launchpad and wordpress) but I almost do not use them because few of the sites I use accept them. And few of the ones I know that provide them accept it
          • > But you do not get any benefit accepting it.

            Actually you get great benefit from accepting it, such as:

            - Users are able to register onto your site quickly, easily and securely
            - During the registration process the website can pull in some user data from the OpenID provider and pre-populate the registration form
            - Users are more likely to sign up as they do not have to go through a longer registration process
            - Fewer usernames and passwords for the user to remember

    • Hi Paul,

      This is a known bug which I will be fixing in time for Monday's release. Watch this space...

      (SCN Development Team)

    • Dick,

      Which part of "Starting Monday, July 27" was unclear to you? 😉

      We haven't launched the Provider yet, only the user profile attribute. The beta version of the Provider goes live on Monday.


  • OpenID consumer is much more important for me. SAP is only one of many web sites I visit, so why should I use it as my trust anchor?

    Make SDN and Service Marketplace a RP, please.