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Track changes of time dependent hierarchies in Web Intelligence

In this blog we we will take a look how you can leverage a new feature called “Track changes” in Web Intelligence XI 3.1 in combination with a time dependent hierarchy derived from SAP NetWeaver BW.

Before we going to create a new Web Intelligence report we need to create a new Universe based on a SAP BW query.

You can find details on how to create a new Universe on top of a SAP BW query here:

BusinessObjects and SAP Part 5

When you create a Universe on top of a BW query with a keydate in the query you will not recognize any difference during the creation process. The Universe Designer will create the maximum number of hierarchy levels that is available at that point of time when you create the Universe.


After creating the OLAP Universe we can now leverage Web Intelligence to build a new report.


1.         Logon to InfoView leveraging your SAP Credentials.


2.         Click Document List.




3. Click New.

4. Select Web Intelligence

5. Select the universe from the list of available universe.

Based on the situation that the underlying BI query contains a keydate variable the Web Intelligence query panel will show a calendar control that allows you to set the properties for the keydate.

6.         Include the levels of your hierarchy. In my case the following objects:


Customer Level 00


Customer Level 01


Customer Level 02


Customer Level 03


Net Sales


7.         Click the Keydate control and select the day from today (this might have to be a date in the past depending on your hierarchy configuration).


8.         Refresh the report.




9.         Refresh the report.


10.        Click the “Activate Data Tracking” option.




11.        Select the option “Use the current data as reference data




12.        Select “Refresh Now


13.        Click OK


14.        Select a date where you are sure the hierarchical structure has changed.




Based on the changes caused by the time dependency you will see changes in the Web Intelligence report. By clicking on the “Data Tracking Options” you can configure the way how changes are being shown in the report.




16.        Select the option “Data Tracking Options



The following screen allows you to change the options on how changes should get highlighted for example for new nodes in your hierarchy or for removed hierarchy nodes:



I hope you are able to follow the steps outlined and to see how easy it is to highlight the changes based on time dependent data in Web Intelligence. This feature can be useful when leveraging hierarchies but there are other scenarios as well; for example looking at key figures with a currency translation and looking at the impact over time that the currency translation rate did have on the key figures.

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      Author's profile photo Tomer Steinberg
      Tomer Steinberg

      Sometime's I'm getting a popup just as shown on this weblog, and sometimes, when the query contains a larger number of characteristics and key figures I'm getting the popup in the regular user prompt screen.
      Is there a method to control that?


      Author's profile photo Ingo Hilgefort
      Ingo Hilgefort
      Blog Post Author

      I would suggest you enter your workflow into the forum for the SAP Integration Kit - easier to follow up on.


      Author's profile photo Ali Toor Muhammad
      Ali Toor Muhammad

      is there a way to make the key date variable to get the 'todays' date for me it always show some other date like yesterday, day before yesterday but does not show today's date as default is there a blog you can refer me to.