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Exchange ECC customer master standard field with the CRM Z- fields (ECC -> CRM)

This blog is a continuation of my previous blog {code:html}CRM 7.0 How to –4 Adding Custom Fields With The New Application Enhancement Tool (AET){code} .      In this blog I will cover the *Scenario 1 :* Exchange ECC customer master standard field with the CRM Z- fields (ECC->CRM).    Since you have used AET/EEWB to enhance the BP master, You don’t have to perform any task in CRM side as the tool (AET/EEWB) has already taken care of all the necessary task for you.  What you need to do is map the ECC field to the CRM custom fields. For that perform few simple steps mentioned below and your are done.   *Step 1:* In ECC Tr. SE11, look for the structure BSS_CENTI, double click on CI_CUST and create structure CI_CUST, Add all the fields added to BUT000 table in structure CI_EEW_BUT000. Make sure that you add the fields in the same sequence (*this is very important*)   imageimage  *Step 2:* Follow the same for the structure BSS_CENTIX double click on the CI_CUST_X and create structure CI_CUST_X. In the CI_CUST_X follow the same sequence of fields but use the component type GB_BAPIUPD (A flag to indicate the change in the field).   image  *Step 3:* Copy the FM SAMPLE_FCTMODULE_DE_EIOUT to Z function module and all the code mentioned below to map the standard fields to the custom fields.*Step 4:* Go to tr. SM30 and maintain table TBE24. Create a product and mark it active.   image  *Step 5:* Go to tr. SM30 and maintain table TBE34 for the event DE_EIOUT. This event will get trigger when data will flow from ECC to CRM.   image
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  • Hi Vikash,

    Thanks for such a nice blog on this totally new functionality. I think you are the first one to explore this area in such a depth.I have a scenario where I want to search accounts in Account Identification View based on ERP Sales Order Number.Just wanted to have your inputs on this requirement.Can this be achieved using the AET?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hi Rohit,

      You are asking for all together diffrent ballgame.
      I would suggest that have a look of the view ICCMP_BP_SEARCH/BuPaSearchB2B context node SEARCHCUSTOMER, this will give you an idea how search works. You have to implement your own logic to look for the BP tied to the ERP order. I don’t see AET of much help in this scenario.


  • I need to add existing standard available fields from BUT000 into the search criteria. Not custom fields. How do i go about doing that?

    Should I use AET for that? That std field is not available in the structure that is used for Account Search…


  • Hello Vikash,

    We have a requirement that corresponds to the blog you have put together.

    I have done the AET on the CRM 7.0 SP05 system and the BSS_CENTI and BSS_CENTIX additions.

    When I try to copy the SAMPLE FM to the Z FM I get an issue pertaining to the Namespace in ECC. I think it is because of the CCCO Function Group.

    In your experience did you have to create a ZCCCO function group and then do the copy of the SAMPLE FM?

    A quick note: When you performed the AET to create the zfields, did those fields automatically go over to the ECC side? If yes, can you provide what connections needed to happen?

    Thank you for your time and a Great blog.


    • Hi Justin,

      I looged into the SDN after a while and saw your query. Yes you need to create a Z function group in order to have a Z FM. When you perform AET the corresponding Z field will not get created in ECC but the MW will be enhanced and Z fields will be included in BDocs. All you have to do is map your ECC fields into CRM Z fields and that is what i talked about in this Blog.


  • Vikash,

    I have a couple of questions in the concerns of the copying of the FM that resided in the Function Group CCCO and the Z FM Group contents.

    I have created a Z FM Group ZCCCO when I copied FM Group CCCO and copied the FM that you suggested in the blog.

    When I am in Debugging I noticed that the Z FM is called twice. Also, the field value is not getting updated in CRM for the customer.

    In the CI_CUST i created the structure just as it is in CRM. The only thing that concerns me is that one of the fields does not need to be mapped in ECC since this field only resides in CRM. Can you just not map the field at all?

    Thank you for your time,


  • I am at a wall, I am trying to figure out what Includes need to be activated so that if there is a change to the KNA1~KDKG2 that the change is transferred to CRM.

    Any direction would be helpful



    • Hi Justin,

      The delta should automatically gets trigger if you change the field KNA1~KDKG2 and hit save. No additional activation required. Here is how it works:

      Put break point in FM “PI_BP_MAP_CUST_TO_BUPA” and the mapping FM you have created. Change the field KNA1~KDKG2 and save. Debugger should start. At the line 215 you should see the call of FM ‘OPEN_FI_PERFORM_DE_EIOUT_E’, this is where your FM will get called. As long as you have done the mapping properly to the Z field you should see the data flowing in CRM.

      Hope this will help.


      • Hi Vikas,

        Can you please help me to pass custom values to CRM.

        Actually calling the below code and getting our custom FM



                    I_EVENT       = ‘DE_EIOUT’


                    T_FMRFC       = LT_FMTAB


                    NOTHING_FOUND = 1

                    OTHERS        = 2.

        My doubt is how to map in custom function module.

        Please advise.

  • Hi Vikash,

    We have a requirement where we have to add few custom fields on business agreement in CRM and we need to map it with standard fields in ECC.

    will the solution provided in your blog work for business agreement (BUAG) or will it be different?



    • Hi Amit,

      The approach will be same. You will add custom field in CRM using AET/EEWB and then you will map the fields to the ECC standard fields. The difference here is that you need to identify the FM and the flow how data is flowing from one system to other.



  • Dear Vikash,

    I have gone through your Exchange ECC standard field with CRM Z-fields blog. Thank you for sharing good information.

    I am new to CRM Technical.  My query is on same grounds. I will explain you my scenario as given below : 

    My ECC system has 4 standard fields. My CRM system has 2 fields replicated from ECC. I have to access the rest two fields of ECC from CRM. The data should also be transfered from ECC to CRM. If using AET I can do it, then how should I? Please guide.

    In your blog of “Scenario 1”, You have mentioned about a couple of structures like BSS_CENTI, CI_CUST, BSS_CENTIX and CI_CUST_X. Also, about FM  SAMPLE_FCTMODULE_DE_EIOUT. Are these standard way of doing ? If so, I checked  SAMPLE_FCTMODULE_DE_EIOUT  FM, but didnt find any code in it. Could you please guide me on this? Could you please tell me how to map standard field of ECC to CRM?

    I look forward for your prompt reply.

    Please do reply to me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


    • Dear Simin,

      I have enhanced 3 fields in customer master and now I want to pass these 3 custom values to CRM whenever the customer gets created/changed.

      Can you please help me out.


      Vadamalai A

  • Dear Vikash,

    I have gone through your Exchange ECC standard field with CRM Z-fields blog. Thank you for sharing good information.

    I had one issue that is added z field (sub Industry) in CRM 7.0 EHP2 . That field   need to map with ECC 6.0 EHP5 Standard field KNA1-BRAN1.

    I followed your document perfectly but still its not flowing to CRM could please tell me where i did mistake.

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Viswa,

      I did the same , but AET fields are not filling with data when BDOC is created .

      How did you solve your issue? please help me


  • Dear Vikash,

    In ECC – I have updated the PANNO in CIN details tab with the Zfield value for PANNO in CRM. This works fine. I have used DE_AALE event to update table J_1IMOCUST.

    But Now from ECC when I am trying to change the PANNO , this changed PANNO should be updated in CRM Zfield PANNO. For this I used DE_EIOUT event but this event is triggered for all the standard fileds in the DEMAS* IDOC not for CIN related details … for  J_1IMOCUST-J_1IPANNO it is not triggering FM against event DE_EIOUT .

    Require your valuable suggestion.



  • Hi Vikas,


    In  case the fields are already existing in ERP (ISU) and a new box of CRM is added, does the above approach hold true? Should i create the new fields in CRM with AET or EEWB?




  • Hi Vikash,

    How can i find what event gets triggered when a record gets changed in the DFKKOP table in ECC ? Is there a way in general to identify the appropriate event.

    Thanks & regards,