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Contributing on SCN or be part of the SAP family…

I’m now for three years active member of SCN. I think almost everybody who works in this SAP area as a SAP employee, SAP customer, SAP consultant or whatever knows the SAP community network. I remember how I have started in 2006 with SAP software. I have had an issue with Visual Composer that was the reason why I have asked a former colleague if there is a forum to discuss my issue. He told me that I should check the SAP Developer Network and he has given me the URL of SDN. I have started to search SDN and I have found very quickly a solution for that issue. I was so happy that there was a community which shares their knowledge as I have known it from other open source communities.

Anyway, after a few months working for hours with Visual Composer I have got more experience and knowledge. I have decided to share my knowledge with the other Visual Composer users on SCN. I have also come in contact with the moderator of the Visual Composer forum, Mario Herger. He has asked me if I wanted to become moderator of the Visual Composer forum and wiki. I haven’t needed any time to think about it, because I was reading the forum daily and I also started to blog on SCN and it was for me a great chance to take over some responsibility on SCN. Since them I was always in contact with Mario.  I have met Mario in September 2007 during my US vacation.

I think this is different to the other communities I have participated before – SCN has faces and you have the chance to meet them. In the last three years I have come in contact with so many SCN members, that I can say I have my own “SAP family”. After three years I still enjoy to contribute on SCN.

Without the contributors SCN would not be the SCN we have today. I can tell you that I really enjoy contributing on SCN. Why? – Because I want to be active part of this great community. I like to work together with people all over the world and it’s not only working together – it’s also having fun together like the Sushi dinner with Luis F. Lanz and my colleague Christophe Mutzig in Mannheim, when he was in Walldorf in the summer of 2008.


With your contribution on SCN you can demonstrate that you have a good knowledge in a certain area and that you are willing to do something special in this area. This was the basis for my current project in my leisure time – I’m writting together with other Visual Composer experts on a new book about Visual Composer for SAP Press. Contributing brings also the right people together to work on new create things.

You haven’t contributed in the past? Then start to contribute today! – For me it’s always a pleasure to answer questions and help other SCN members to solve their issues and to share my knowledge and ideas. I also like the point system on SCN this gives you the chance to say “thank you” to a contributor and the best thing is that you support with your contribution indirectly projects like the New SAP Community PlaNet Finance Program to Benefit Under-served Markets.

You don’t know how to contribute and become part of my big “SAP family”? There are several ways to contribute – check this ABAP Frequently Asked Questions and start today!

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