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I happened to visit Wikipedia and came across Twitter (I believe most talked about after Google)

Was quite impressed by Twitter which is – ‘Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.’

Blogging is hot but tweets are hotter and here is my attempt to try tweets to enhance / share SAP BW learning.

Going forward every week (Monday Morning CET) through this TWEET, I shall be presenting a simple tip in pretty simple format.

Here we go with the First one –




To check whether your query is migrated to SAP BW7 version already

Check the Table RSZCOMPDIR: Enter your Query Technical Name as input to the field COMPID and execute. If Field VERSION in the Table RSZCOMPDIR has the value less than 100 that means Query is in 3.x version. If it is more than 100 means, it is already migrated.



Disclaimer – Idea is to learn something in couple of seconds without going through lengthy blogs or articles. BW-Tweet hopes to exist with blogs and articles rather than replacing those.

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  1. Former Member Post author
    As received on Email -(edited to remove personal details)

    I would be waiting for your blog on every monday . Tried to reply on your blog but was not able to comment. So thought of mailing you .


  2. Former Member
    So whats your TWipro Twitter Username then?  What you need is an API which will post through to Twitter from this Forum or vice versa.
  3. Former Member

    Good to know that there is a topic like this in twitter. But, how to find this topic there? Any links?

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Jim Spath
    Agrawal:  There seems to be confusion between tweeting and micro-blogging.  If you post a message of 140 characters or less through one of the many interfaces to, you’re tweeting.  If you write a one-paragraph SCN blog, you’re microblogging.

    Just my $0.0000002

    Jim Spath AKA JSpath55.

    1. Former Member
      A bit confused Agrawal – did you Tweet this? A Tweet as Jim points out is something on not here we have blogging.

      I have to say though this is the first instance I’ve seen “anywhere” of someone trying to “tweet” outside of though.

      1. Former Member Post author
        Hi Craig,

        Trust you are doing good. Thanks for your comments. I am not tweeting as such and doing kind of micro-blogging. As name suggests learning BW twitter way. By looking at the interest generate by this blog I went ahead and got it on twitter –

        And hope to tweet more frequently there and weekly on SDN.

        thanks again

  5. Former Member
    I only hope that you don’t plan on blogging all your tweets…otherwise you’re going to spam us with 140 chars blogs…which is not of course the main porpoise of the forums…


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Blag,

      Thanks for your comments and suggestions. One micro-blog (tweet) every week with some quick tip, that is what I plan to do.



      1. Former Member
        If you have a wiki page you can then post your tips there as well as pushing them out through twitter.  That means that people can see all the tips…



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