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“Codename SOL” – Preparation: Test migration



To get some experience in migrating the system i will do a test migration. The source system runs on hpux ia64 with Oracle 10g. The target will be…

… my office PC, running XP 🙂 ))

To increase the fun level I will use Oracle 11g (well there is another reason: OLTP compression, but i cover this somewhere else). Luckily 11g it is still available on 32-bit. Careful this is only experimental and…

… not supported!!|height=29|alt=not supported by SAP|width=52|src=|border=0

I will only run the database on my PC, and connect a SAP instance to it, to test if it is running properly. I am planning to run the final installation on Win 2008 Server 64-bit.


h3. Distmon

The distmon package can be used to do distributed system copies, it is mostly used for unicode conversions on large databases. As I did some unicode testing lately, i have all the procedures ready. The distmon package can be obtained from note 855772 – Distribution Monitor

– the system is non-unicode, and i am not changing this, so i export/import with codepage 1100

– as the source db is only approximately 120gb in size, i don’t do any performance optimizations, no package/table splitting

– coincidentally the system were i am running the distribution monitor is a linux system (SLES 10), so i am exporting from hpux on to linux, importing to win xp.


h3. Results

– The export took 4.5 hrs, which is pretty poor for 120gb. My best time was 40min, but as said earlier i did not do any optimization this time.

– Export size was 12gb

– The import took 8-10 hrs, but this isn’t very accurate, as i needed to restart it a few times and i was also working on other things in parallel. Obviously the one single disk was completely busy the whole time, i had a feeling things improved notably when i added my external USB drive and configured a sapdata2 🙂 ))

– I was doing table and index compression during the import. I modified the DDLORA.TPL for the tables. To get the indexes compressed i had to create SMIGR_CREATE_DDL-style files. I made scripts for that, but the indexes were not created during the import. I had to run the script manually. First glance on the compression:



 MB original 

MB compressed










WBCROSSGT0</td><td align=”right”>2948</td><td align=”right”> 1216</td></tr><tr><td>E071K0



GVD_SEGSTAT0</td><td align=”right”>1558</td><td align=”right”><p> 104 </p></td></tr></tbody></table><p> </p><p>I am fully aware that these numbers do not say a lot. Due to the export/import and the PK ordering of the data will significantly influence the segment sizes. But i made a comparison in the new system with E071K0, uncompressed 953mb, with compress 4 only 336mb. “Codename SOL” – Intro / TOC 


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