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User Interface Technology Strategy Webinar

The area of User Interface experience and developer tools are quickly changing and often expanding. We are beginning to see the user expectations from working with the consumer web extend into the world of enterprise applications. In this free webinar, we want to give everyone an overview of the SAP User Interface Strategy focusing on the all three layers of the User Interface – UI Infrastructure, UI Services, and Clients/Access Channels. We will also see roadmap details for tools like Web Dynpro and NetWeaver Business Client.

We are also very interested in what User Interface topics you would like to see covered in detail via this webinar or in future ones.

Details on this webinar are published here on SDN:

This webinar is part of a larger webinar series of which you can view the schedule of upcoming sessions and watch the recordings of previous sessions here:

Details for this webinar:

Dial-in Information:
Date: Thursday, July 23, 2009
Time: 8 a.m. Pacific, 10 a.m. Central, 11 a.m. Eastern; 5 p.m. Central European Time
Participant Code: 31862425
From within the US, call: 1-877-299-4454
From outside the US, call: 1-617-597-5447
For additional international access numbers, click here.
WebEx Information:
Meeting URL: and use the following meeting number and password:
Meeting number: 741402099
Meeting password: netweaver
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  • Hi Thomas, I am lookign forward to attending this webinar. NWBC information would be very useful – e.g. a definite availability date for version 3. also the ever present topic of browser support.
    Thank you, Johannes
    • >NWBC information would be very useful
      I will have some information on NWBC, but there was also a dedicated webinar in this series on the topic just a few weeks ago.  Also there is a recent eLearning on the 3.0 version:

      Availability date of NWBC 3.0 will coincide with the release of NetWeaver 7.20 and 7.02 – so NWBC is dependent upon those release dates.

      >also the ever present topic of browser support.
      Thanks for the suggestion.  I will include a slide from the PAM on the topic.  News around IE8 and Firefox 3.0 support comming soon via SP. Might have some other news I can share as well on that front.

  • Thomas,

    I’m sure this is a common issue in many organisations, in that it is very difficult to implement new software on the client PC, or indeed to upgrade existing client software. The root cause of this is the common practice of outsourcing the desktop build & maintenance, often resulting in substantial upgrade costs, long lead times, regression testing, and inflexibility. Making everything accessible through a web browser would eliminate this issue, by implementing the actual software in a company’s internal ‘cloud’. And deliver this next week, please?

    PS Here, I can’t even get the SAPgui upgraded!

    • It is interesting because I hear some customers still talk about difficulty rolling out desktop software and then about an equal number of customers say that this is no longer an issue due to good automated rollout technology.

      We already have SAPGUI for HTML (ITS based) and there will be enhancements to that rendering in 7.02 (AJAX and Web Dynpro Lightspeed rendering). I didn’t really have a slide on that however – but can throw something in.  Of course the focus is on Web Dynpro for the future which is browser based.  However don’t be suprised as we talk about the desktop application – NWBC.  It might not apply to your situation, but many customers are interested.  We want to service both the zero client installations (browser based) and customers who want a desktop application experience.

  • Hi Thomas,

    thanks for your great and useful blogs.
    Is there an idea to make a similar webinar this year? Or maybe also for new features in SAP NetWeaver 7.2?

    Kind regards,

    • We did an updated session at TechEd on the topic – UP100. I’m sure we will further updates at TechEd this year and perhaps in other channels as well on NetWeaver 7.02/7.20.