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Are you up for the Home Carbon challenge?

Are you up for the challenge?

SAP has created the Facebook application Home Carbon Challenge. You can see more details on it Home Carbon Challenge:compete on Facebook for the household with the lowest carbon footprint

Anyone with a Facebook account can join the challenge and see how simulated data would be affected by changes to homeowners habits.

Integrating your home

Are you more of a home hobbyist and want to see real data from your home in the challenge? There are a number of technologies that will allow you to do this. The Home energy monitoring with iPhone and Twitter on home energy monitoring gives you an idea how to monitor the electrical consumption in your home. You may want to use TED with one of the many available home hobbyist solutions. 

Currently I have my home connected to the Home Carbon Challenge. The previous blog covered the details on how I monitored my home using a TED device.


The python script that reads the data from my TED device now posts data at 60 second intervals to a URL that feeds the readings into the Home Carbon Challenge.

There are a number of options available for posting the data from your TED. I have a Mac Mini running as a server, so it was easy for me to add the extra functionality. If you are more of a Linux person then you have more options available, including the possibility of attaching the TED device directly to a routers serial port and having it post the data.

You are of course not limited to using TED devices. I would really like to see users of other devices also integrate their homes. 

Posting your data to the Home Carbon Challenge is a simple authenticated URL call, if you would like to participate and connect your home monitoring to our solution please contact me via and I will help you setup your connection.

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      Alternative software:

      - Microsoft Hohm
      - Google Power Meter
      - Pachube
      - Powometer
      - MyEnergyUsage
      - ...and hundreds of others

      Alternative hardware:

      - Arduino
      - Current Cost meter
      - Kill-A-Watt
      - Home Joule
      - ...and hundreds of others