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I’d like to introduce the upcoming integration of Xcelsius 2008 with NetWeaver 7.0. It is meant to leverage BW data through Xcelsius BI Dashboards. This integration is scheduled to te released in early Q4 2009.

What functions will the integration provide?

  • A new Xcelsius direct connector to BEx queries and views
  • Support for SAP lifecycle transport mechanism
  • Support for text translation
  • Xcelsius Dashboards accessed via NW Portal BEx iView using standard SAP credentials
  • An solution independent from BusinessObjects Enterprise

When should this solution be considered?

When BI data resides in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.

When the business requirements are about highly visual interfaces with intuitive guided navigation for casual BI users: executives, managers and operational staff. Xcelsius dashboards are not designed for OLAP style analysis. For example, Xcelsius does not provide out-of-the-box visualizations for hierarchical data.

When should this solution not be considered?

When the  business requirements include Web Intelligence analysis and reporting, Infoview or Dashboard Builder BI portal delivery. The recommendation is to use Xcelsius hosted by BusinessObjects Enterprise, enabling dashboard delivery via Infoview or Dashboard Builder. In a BusinessObjects Enterprise deployment, the recommended Xcelsius data connector for BW remains Live Office.

What  software will be required?

Dashboard authors:

  • BI 7.X AddOn SP901 or higher
  • Xcelsius Designer 2008 SP2 (released in July 2009)
  • SAP GUI 7.10

Dashboard consumers:

  • Flash Player 9 or Flash Player 10

Server side NetWeaver Platform:

  • SAP EHP1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP5 Java and ABAP (scheduled for October 2009)

Be aware that the release schedule is subject to change. SAP does not guarantee the availability of the above releases on the specified date.

System Landscape Diagram




Xcelsius Designer BEX Query Connector Screenshot


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    1. Francois IMBERTON Post author
      Yes, Xcelsius dashboards will be deployed on NetWeaver AS Java.

      This is a technical integration. It does not affect packaging & pricing, the new BI Suite packaging that you mention will apply. For more information please contact your account manager.

      Hierarchical display
      It is not planned in the near future. It is however on our longer term roadmap. In the mean time, you may want to consider custom components build using Xcelsius SDK.

  1. Former Member

    Such an interesting blog !
    SAP BO told us recently about licensing which is a package for BO Entreprise XI 3.1 server with all products and so XCELCIUS is involved. And about one license for user and one for developper with special authorizations to access one or others products.
    So my questions are relative to the licensing on XCELCIUS stand-alone for SAP client : could we buy only XCELCIUS without BO server ? What about installation and infrastructure ? What about users profile ?
    Valérie RENEE   

  2. Former Member
    You mentioned there is no BOE required for Xcelsius integration, does this mean the Xcelsius models will be deployed on the SAP AS JAVA server?

  3. Former Member
    Will this still require binding data to objects (chart, grid dropdown etc.) using Excel fields or we could just assign the query directly to a chart or a dropdown without having to map a particular cell to the Xcelsius objects?

    I am assuming this will take into account any security which is implemented on the SAP BW system and leverage SSO with BW.



  4. Former Member
    Estimated, the program Xcelsius Engage 2008 is compatible with office 2007?, you wonder because this quite unstable does not work correctly, however the trial tested by a month, its working without any problem, and I need to perform a safe installation, or if truth system not this short of what promises and announce. Agradecere comments, as far as possible in Spanish.
  5. Former Member
    please let know if the SAP connector with Xcelsius SP2 works with Netweaver 7.0 SP5? Is SP5 released?

    I tried using the connector and it throws an error stating SAP BI 7.2 or higher is required?

    What is the proper requirement to check this functionality?

    Thanks in Advance.


      1. Former Member
        We see that the support pack for EHP2 is available now itself.  The dropdown option  says ‘SAP EHP2 for SAP Netweaver 7.0 – Initial Shipment’. Is this Pack sufficient for the SAP BI to Xcelsius direct connectivity? Thanks for the help.
  6. Former Member
    For the new connector do we need 7.01 SPS 5 on both AS ABAP and Java or just AS JAVA (your blog mentioned “SAP EHP1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP5 Java”) of the backend BW system?

      1. Former Member
        Hi Francois,

        We are connected with the below configuration

        SAP EHP1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP5 Java and ABAP BW Analyzer 7.10 SP 10 Patch 1

        Xcelsius 2008( Enterprise version

        From the Xcelsius tool , I am unabel to embed the SAP BW bex query.

        I am abel to connect to the BW server and Portal, then when I select a Query and click OPEN from the Datamanager screen.

        The Query elements like Characteristics/Keyfigures are not showing up in the BOX??

        Can anybody let me know if there is an additonal patch level I need to be on for this direct connection to work.



        1. Francois IMBERTON Post author
          If you are able to retrieve & publish a Xcelsius SWF to the NW ABAP system but not open BEx queries it may be that SSO (e.g. defining user mapping) between NW Java & NW Abap is not properly configured. Please go to the Xcelsius SDN forum to povide the details of your issue.
  7. Former Member
    Will we be able to deploy a model which user the BW connector to a BOBJ XI environment and access it via Infoview?

    It will be helpful if you could provide a technical architecture diagram in this blog or a seperate one.


      1. Former Member
        Thanks for the answers and adding the architecture diagram.

        This leads to my next question, can we have non-SAP BW data sources (XML, QaaWs etc.) within the Xcelsius model if we choose the BW connector and publish the model to the BW system and access via BEx runtime? Is there anything else required on the BI JAVA system to enable this connection?


  8. Mike Howles
    Great post!

    We are now running NW 7.01 SPS05, and see the new connectivity options however when attempting to publish a dashboard to the SAP Portal, we get the following error message.

    RS_EXCEPTION 000 Function call failed; could not find the function ENQUEUE_E_XCLS_OBJECT
    RS_EXCEPTION 000 An exception with the type CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_FUNC occurred, but was neither handled locally, nor declared in a RAISING
    RSBOLAP 000 Program error in class SAPMSSY1 method : UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION

    Is there something else our BASIS team needs to do configuration-wise in order to enable publishing these dashboard to the portal or any technical documentation I can give them?


  9. Former Member
    I want to know that do this integration required Java Stack or BI Abap is enough for this integration.

    i installed Xcelsius Engage 2008 in data manager while adding connection for NW BI the System and Query field is disabled?

    Kind regards,

  10. Former Member
    How will we be able to migrate the xcelcius (that is using the BI direct connectivity) dashboard from Dev to QA to Prod? Is it the same as we used to do to import for Xcelcius swf and webservices?
  11. Former Member

    Can we use Dashboard 4.0 with SAP BW 7.0 EHP1 SPS 5 to leverage the direct connector? Is there any additional SPS or notes required on the BW side with dashboards 4.0?

    I could not find this information under PAM for Dashboards 4.0, it only has supported OS info, nothing specific to BW connector.



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