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From Microsoft to SAP : an exciting journey

Just a few Years Back (Year 2005) ,for a die hard Microsoft fan like me
and a Certified Solution Developer in Microsoft Technologies,i would have never imagined myself in SAP Field.

It all started when suddenly i found myself landed in sap practice.

Having developed web applications for years in jsp/asp and .net,
i was put in the exciting SAP Enterprise Portal Area.

Started with NWDS.
I was used to Microsoft Visual Studio and it was good to see the intellisense feature in NWDS.
Concept of keeping the data in Context was thrilling.
All modeling , little coding, wow !

Quickly understood that if we are in SAP then we must know ABAP
so started Learning ABAP Basics.

No intellisense here ! ABAPDOCU came to help , slowly got the feel how it works.
in Microsoft dotnet we have DataTable Concept and was glad to see the Internal Table
Concept in ABAP. what i like most is when u ask the editor to check your syntax
it guides you very nicely e.g. if you mistyped a field name then it will suggest you  the correct name.

Previously i was handling websites in ASP.NET deployed on IIS.
After JSP,ASP and ASP.NET i had to learn BSP
Now i dealt with SAP Web application Server.
yes, you guessed it right , SICF Tcode and RZ10
Had Fun !

After getting a hang of the things for 3 months
on portal and Netweaver Developer Studio.
we started our implementation project.
Guess what we were working on CAF and GP , Cutting Edge from start !
these were the new things and the only fallback source was sdn.
For any error, we would just paste the text in forum and viola some solution was there already.

After that we started discovering Employee Self Service Applications on ECC5.
and after upgrade to ECC6 , caught up with WebDynpro ABAP.
we have a very experienced ABAP team and they really picked the ABAP WebDynpro very fast.

we implemented ESS applications as a blend of standard SAP ESS iViews
and Custom WebDynpro ABAP Applications in Multiple language.

Learnt a lot from sdn and sap help portal including
1.installing and Configuring the EP7.
1.Deploying ESS Business Packages and Components
2.Applying portal patches through JSPM.
3.Configuring Single Sign On from portal to ECC6.
4.Configuring the parameter login/password_change_for_SSO
5.The Reverse Proxy Server.
6.Mass user Creation
7.Portal Content Translation
8.Portal Content Transports.
9.Creating KM iViews and layout sets.
10.Visual Composer

.NET came haunting again as we developed some .net applications accessing SAP Web services.

in the meantime, started contributing to forums, was thrilled to cross 250 and 500 and 750 Points.

sdn has become inseparable part of my life and i keep on checking it whenever i find some time.
Thanks sdn for everything.

the Journey from Microsoft Technologies to SAP has been thrilling and exciting for me and hope you liked
my First Blog describing the same.


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