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Employee Interaction Center (EIC) and Business Information Warehouse Reporting

We are often asked about the reporting capabilities of the Employee Interaction Center.The Business Information Warehouse is a key piece of the reporting strategy as it relates to the Employee Interaction Center. As of EHP1 SAP delivers standard extractors for transferring EIC data from the R/3 application to BI.

SAP delivers sixteen pre-defined queries that can be modified or configured to suit your business and reporting needs including the following:

  • Channel Distribution Overview
  • Activity Volume Overview
  • Activity Completion Overview
  • Activity Target Group Overview
  • Activity Performance Overview
  • Activity Completion for SLA Targets
  • Activity Completion Time Overview
  • Tier Escalation Overview
  • Closing Rate of Tiers
  • External Processing Overview
  • SLA Violation Overview
  • SLA Compliance Overview
  • Activity Status Overview
  • Customer Satisfaction Overview
  • Customer Satisfaction Results
  • Customer Satisfaction by Category

Enclosed is a screen shot provided by SAP to give you a flavor of the capabilities of the EIC Reporting.

EIC Report

We will follow up with additional blogs that go into more detail on how to report effectively within the Employee Interaction Center (EIC) 

The ERP Employee Interaction Center (EIC) is a centralized call center application that is part of SAP’s shared services offering. It delivers employee information to your contact center agents and empowers them to capture the details of an interaction with an employee.  It is included in your base SAP license and it is a great fit for customers that are looking to establish a HR employee interaction center.

EIC Report
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  • Great Blog

    It would be interesting to know what you have to say in your next blog regarding details of reporting with EIC.

    We are trying to implement EIC as of Enhancement Package 2 at a client currently. Unfortunately, they don’t have the infrastructure to support BI and we were trying to come up with options around reporting in EIC.

    What other options might I have in replicating some standard delivered Big Web Apps reports into EIC without using BI?

    Any thoughts?