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Webdynpro Java / Printing using NW 2004 , 2004s

Webdynpro Java / Printing using NW 2004 /2004s

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Ritushree Saha having 2 years of exp in Java/J2EE (Struts Framework) and 2.6 years of exp in SAP.EP.NW in IBM India Pvt LTD, Kolkata.

*Company: * IBM India Pvt Ltd

Created on: 03 June 2009


WebDynpro on NW 2004/2004s using had no native support for printing and the community came up with pretty good workarounds. Therefore this is a workaround to print the view by converting the content to html.

But I had a requirement to print one of the views of the Webdynpro Java application using NW 2004/2004s. I searched in SDN but couldn’t find a consolidated document for printing using NW 2004/2004s. So after solving the requirement thought of posting the process so that other SDN viewers are helpful.


Printing using NW 2004/2004s 

WebDynpro on NW 2004/2004s using had no native support for printing and the community came up with pretty good workarounds. Therefore this is a workaround to print the view by converting the content to html.

To narrate this paper I took the scenario of displaying the “First Name, Last Name, Department” in the view and then on pressing the “Print” button on the display view the view will get printed without the “Print” button using NW 2004s.

Let’s look at the steps:

    • Create a Webdynpro Component with the view and the window.

Create a context value node name “*Employee” with value attributes “FirstName, LastName, Department”* in the Component controller

    1. Open the diagram view and perform the mapping between the component controller and the view controller.

Then in the view, select the “layout” tab create a three UI input elements for “FirstName”, “LastName” and “Department” and then a “Print” button.

Bind the UI elements with the attributes of the value node “Employee“.

Then create onAction method for the “Print” button.

Following is the code utility:

public void onActionPrint( wdEvent )


    //@@begin onActionPrint(ServerEvent)

byte[] content = new byte[4028];

try {

    content = this.displayPrint().getBytes(“UTF-8”);


// Where content is loaded with data from displayPrint() method, which is holding the HTML *page to be displayed to the user *

      IWDWindow win =wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getWindowManager()


      .getWebResource(content, WDWebResourceType.HTML)

      .getURL(),”Print Claim Details”);





} catch (Exception e) {  





public java.lang.String displayPrint( )


    //@@begin displayPrint()


IWDMessageManager msgMgr = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getMessageManager();

// designing of the html layout


StringBuffer xml_file = new StringBuffer();



xml_file.append(“<center><b>Employee Details</b></center>”);

xml_file.append(“<br><font size=\”2\”>”);

xml_file.append(“<TABLE border=\”0\” cellpadding = \”2\” cellspacing = \”1\” width= \”100%\”>”);

xml_file.append(“<tr VALIGN=TOP>”).append(“<td><b>First Name </b></td>”).append(“<td>”).append(wdContext.nodeEmployee().currentEmployeeElement().getFirstName()).append(“</td></tr>”);

xml_file.append(“<tr VALIGN=TOP>”).append(“<td><b>Last Name </b></td>”).append(“<td>”).append(wdContext.nodeEmployee().currentEmployeeElement().getLastName()).append(“</td></tr>”);

xml_file.append(“<tr VALIGN=TOP>”).append(“<td><b>Department </b></td>”).append(“<td>”).append(wdContext.nodeEmployee().currentEmployeeElement().getDepartment()).append(“</td></tr>”);


xml_file.append(“<br><br><br><input type=\”button\” name= \”Print\” value = \”Print\” onClick=\”javascript:window.winPrint()\”/>”+

” <input type=\”button\” name= \”Close\” value = \”Close\” onClick=\”javascript:window.close()\”/></body>”);


xml_file.append(“<script language = \”Javascript\”>function winPrint(){“);

xml_file.append(“var x=document.getElementById(\”Print\”);”).append(“var y=document.getElementById(\”Close\”);”).append(“\”none\”;”).append(“\”none\”;”).append(“window.print();”).append(“\”block\”;”).append(“\”block\”;”).append(“}”);



return xml_file.toString();


Display of “Print” dialog box on click of “Print” button in the view.

Click of the button “Print” in the print dialog box the view contents will get printed without the “Print” Button.


Therefore even also we are using NW 2004/ 2004s , we can print the view in Webdynpro Java application.

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SAP will not be held liable for any damages caused by using or misusing the information, code or methods suggested in this document, and anyone using these methods does so at his/her own risk.

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      Dear Ruchesree,

             Great Blog...for making thing simple.Keep blogging.

      Indranil Chakrabarty

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      Hi Ritushree,

      What is the difference between the blog you have referred and the one you have created..?


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      Ritu ,
      i m using the same code that u created but in that there is error like "ABSTRACT STRING BUILDER IS NOT VISIBLE " som please help me that how can i solve it whether i have to add any class or ..
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      Can you mail me your files where you wrote the code for printing and the screen shot of the error when it is occuring..
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      Hi Ritushree,

      Your blog really helped me with printing my WD View. Thanks a lot. Keep blogging.