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Using SAP Business Objects technology in Healthcare (Part 1)

Last year I SAP BI for Healthcare (reloaded) – an interview (Michaela Sittig and Chris Christy) who focus on how to use BI technology to improve performance and insight in Healthcare provider organizations. Quite some time has passed since and so I wanted to give you an update on what the team is currently working on. Plus, there is an opportunity to actually work with us, in case you wanted to have your say in this area as well. 

Let’s start with a quick overview on some specific solutions. First let’s look at the de-facto standard for formatted reporting, SAP Crystal Reports, which can add very nice capabilities on top of your existing data warehouse. I assume that some of you will know the product already, but did you know that we have developed a couple of Healthcare specific examples ready for download from SDN? Our collection comprises:

  • Case-Related Costs on Basis of Case-Based Orders
  • Referral Statistics
  • Admissions/Discharges
  • Occupancy Overview
  • Internal Transfers From
  • Internal Transfers To
  • Diagnosis Overview
  • Procedure Overview
  • Overview Cost Centers Cost Elements
  • Services-Credits
  • Debits Including IS-HCO Information
  • Material Consumption Per Cost Center
  • Case-Related Services

These examples are based on existing SAP Business Warehouse queries which are part of the Healthcare content. Just check them out! Besides these Healthcare specific examples, the SAP Business Objects BI Content Library also offers examples for Finance, Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationship Management, and Customer Relationship Management.

The next area where we see great potential using SAP Business Objects technology are dashboards which provide relevant and up-to-date information in a visually rich way to improve the quality of care. We believe that the success of a dashboard will not only depend on the underlying technology, but really whether the content meets the individual needs of a given role.
And this is why we also wanted to involve our customers and partners in the design and have kicked-off new working groups to hear your ideas. The first physical workshop took place in Walldorf already on May 18/19, but registration is still open for all who want to join. We will continue the dialog using virtual collaboration mainly so distance to Walldorf should not be an issue.

Last but not least many people think that the capabilities of SAP Business Objects Explorer can be very valuable in our industry. Have you seen SAP Business Object Explorer in action already? If not, here are some options:

First, check out and you’ll learn not only about a software product but also about some ways to improve life conditions for millions of people.

Second try it out with your own data in the cloud at (I analyzed my iTunes library…).

Or, simply have a look at the following screen shot to get a first impression.      


We will provide more details in due course, so stay tuned!

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      The blog brings lot of hopes to the Healthcare Providers as well as SAP service providers on the possibility of making SAP Business Intellegence availble with ease.

      Would like to see more of this kind of Healtcare related Solutions in an easy meaningful step by step approach to resolve the Healthcare problems.


      Author's profile photo Claudius Metze
      Claudius Metze
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Ravi,
      thanks for your comments. Do you have specific examples in mind when you talk about "Healthcare problems"?
      Best regards,
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I meant this is the first step to put SAP into meaningful use for Healthcare in India reason being

      In Country like India Healthcare is given Top priority

      There is a need for Public Private Partnership in making the dream of Decent Healthcare to all vision

      India have Medical Supplies corporation meant to procure for all the 30 States respectively. SAP can be considered for effective utilization of Public Money being spent. This would come in the Government Sector.

      Even in Private Hospitals there is a huge shift in the way Hospitals are operating, example getting Accreditions suiting Medical Tourism, Establishing Medical Institutions rendering service to the domestic aspirants as well as inviting the International population to access the Continuing Medical Education. This opens the door for stringent Quality Assurances and Continuous Process innovations that can happen by considering SAP for Healthcare.

      Let me Hope the Best things can Happen to Healthcare in India through SAP for Healthcare.

      Ravi Sundaresan

      Author's profile photo Vladimir Ljubicic
      Vladimir Ljubicic
      Well, I’m looking forward to part 2 of this post, very interesting, and my recent experience is telling me that, like in other industries, Healthcare executives are appreciating more and more quick and deep insight in their operations, of course solid and functional system underneath is needed to gather all information, but that is different story, especially in Healthcare...
      SAP Crystal Reports (and other BOBJ solutions) certainly gives more possibilities and to be honest is easier to consume compared to integrated reports from ERP or IS-H, of course it is licensed separately, but I’m sure it is worth it, especially in times when economic and legal environment is changing rapidly.
      One question comes to mind, can we use these reports for legal compliance issues. For example creating file of certain structure (not just excel, word or pdf) which is required to be sent to regional authorities – it could be elegant alternative to developing custom reports in transactional system, you know that Healthcare is specific for being heavily regulated locally which is making use of one solution (like IS-H) across different countries and regions more challenging.

      Thanks & best regards,

      Author's profile photo Claudius Metze
      Claudius Metze
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Vladimir,

      thank you for your comment. On your point to use SAP BusinessObjects solutions like Crystal Reports for example for legal reporting, I guess this really depends on the detailed requirements. A colleague recently showed me a complex legal tax form/report which was developed using Crystal Reports, so as you said, that might be an option. On the other hand I am also aware of legal requirements in this area where we need to handle subsequent changes and/or store further context information from the transactional system. But agian, it really depends on the local requirements and I fully agree, that this could be a very elegant solution.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      this is a great demonstration of methods and implementation. being able to see how these various components intersect is of huge value.