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Moving into the 3rd quarter of the year we’ve just sent out our roundup to the Top Contributors so of course now we want to share a few pieces with the broader community as well! Especially with August 1, 2009, quickly approaching this means we will be announcing our newest “Top Contributors”. 

“Picking” on my personal favorite here’s a snapshot of who might be our next Top Contributors for Scripting Languages.


Now in the past this often meant a closing of the previous year and opening fresh for the new year.

However, we’ve decided that we want to pay extra special attention to our Top Contributor Alumni, especially those who year after year have attained this special rank! Therefore, each of you will continue to have the special access moving forward that each Top Contributor receives starting on August 1st. 

So watch soon for our Alumni listing in the “Hall of Fame“!

Our Top Contributors will also be receiving several special perks at the upcoming SAP TechEd event including special seating at the Demo Jam.

Also this year we’ll be bringing back the “certificates” that we used to give in the past including new ones targeted at our “Alumni“, it’s an exciting time for being a Top Contributor so hurry and finish that blog, white paper, article and other contributions you still have time to jump in the ranks!

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  1. Michal Krawczyk
    hi Craig,

    1. it would be great if TOP contributors could for instance receive a paper copy of all the latest SAP courses in their area, right after they are created

    2. if there is some mailing list in SAP about the new changes and latest features in each area (like PI for me) it would be awesome to get mails from this list too and to be able to ask questions maybe ?

    3. top contributor bag like the one we got for SAP mentor status would be something, hehe :))

    Michal Krawczyk

  2. Bharathwaj Ragothaman
    During the migration process problems have been reported for this blog. The blog content may look corrupt due to not supported HTML code on this platform. Please adjust the blog content manually before moving it to an official community.
    1. Muthuraman Govindasamy
      Hi Craig,
      I could see MDM comes as a seperate entity though it comes under Netweaver technology.

      1.SAP Netweaver platform
      2.MDM also comes under SAP netweaver but MDM comes separately.but no sap srm


      1. Community User
        We’ve a pretty complex process with a lot of “what ifs” involved to move an area by itself. MDM is one of the more evolved areas and mature ones hence it has it’s own category or “Scripting Languages” is such a unique one that it has it’s own.

        Not every forum for example has it’s own specific category for point allocation in many cases they are grouped together, for example Industries have been under Business Process Expert until recently and prior to last year most “solutions” were under SAP NetWeaver – it’s a constant challenge for us to determine the “when” to branch them into their very own category and we often spend quite a bit of time each quarter discussing it.

        As always if the community feels one area should “stand on it’s own” they are welcome to start a thread to discuss it in the “Suggestions and Comments” forum.

    2. Muthuraman Govindasamy
      little diappointment . we get less questions .so our points may not compete with material management forum.

      SAP is a very big and market leader in IT solution products provider so must encourage each category to top contributors via certication / rewards in Techeds.

      your encouragement builds our confidence.


  3. Shambhunath Verma
    Hi Craig,

    A Mail to the contributor’s company contact person can also recoqnize his extra efforts in organization.

    For top contributor – It is Top 3 or Top 5 contributor for any area.

  4. Aamir Suhail
    In past the “Top contributor” badge was given to anybody who has crossed 250 points in a year.
    Food for Points
    Has this been changed for this year that only the top 3 contributors in a category will be given the reward of “Top contributor” or i m missing something?
    1. Aamir Suhail
      Looks like i found answer to my question.
      The “Top contributor” badge is really an “Active contributor” badge.
      Top contributors are only 3 and span SDN,BPX etc.
      am  i correct craig?
      1. Community User
        Correct, “Top Contributor” are the top 3 for each major category those badges were actually printed as “Top” but should have been “Active”

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