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Understand validity of a ReaderRights Credential in a PDF generated from SAP Adobe Document Services(ADS)

Have you ever come across this error while working with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe running inside Adobe Reader 9.x:

Adobe Popup Message

“This document enabled extended features in Adobe Reader. The document has been changed since it was created an use of extended features in no longer available. Please contact the author for the original version of this document.”


Recently I encountered this error while working on a project. We searched this error on SDN and found this thread Problem while openning Interactive Form.


Since it was posted by our colleague we found from him that it got solved automatically the next day when he restarted the server as well as his client machine. We tried the solution but didn’t worked for us and rightly so as the solution had no logic to it. So we continued our search on google and also Service Marketplace where we came across this note: Note 917773 – Adobe Reader error upon opening interactive PDF form


We were unable to understand how server and client time are related. So we matched out client time to server time but problem persisted. So we raised an OSS Message on Sunday and attached the PDF. The support consultant replied (on Monday) that he was able to open the PDF. He also referred us to the above note again.


We then tried to open the same PDF on Monday and it opened for us. Naturally then, we changed the date on our client to one day ahead and ran our WD Application. As expected PDF was working fine. However we still wanted to understand the cause. After a little more research we checked the PDF properties. It looked like this:

Travel Request General Tab 

Travel Rquest PDF Tab 


As you can see there are two tabs – General and PDF. The general tab contain the date and time that tells us when the document was stored on a computer. The PDF tab contain date and time that tells us when the PDF document was generated by Adobe Document Services or any other program.


In our scenario the PDF Created Date was Monday. So the ReaderRights credential that were applied on the PDF was valid from Monday. When we try to open this PDF on Sunday (1 day before) the ReaderRights credential were yet NOT valid. Hence the PDF pops up the message described above. We could also see that in Adobe Reader 9.x the Document Extenstion button (blue button) on the left navigation panel was not there for the document when opened on Sunday. But on the same document we can see the same on Monday.


Hence to conclude we can say that for the PDF to work on a client with Interactive Featues, it is required that Server time should be in sync with client time. We can also safely say that for any PDF to work on the client, the client date can be later than the PDF Created date but not before.


We then also checked the AIX Server time and found that although the time on the server was same but the GMT time of the server was ahead of the client GMT time. The Basis Colleague had adjusted the time on the server to match the network time but they did not matched the GMT time. Due to this the PDF was rendered as per the Server GMT Time. Our Basis colleague changed the GMT time of the server to match the Network GMT time and restarted the same. As expected the problem was resolved.

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