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How Solution Manager RCA Change Reporting saved the day

How  Solution Manager RCA Change Reporting  saved the day

A few weeks ago, we had one of our Project Basis guys go through the various recommendations for the EWA, GoLive, SafeGuarding and Volume Testing reports. In his haste, he made some changes to the Oracle PFLIE, the SAP Instance Profile and the J2EE instance property files without telling anyone else.

We restarted the Instance in question when  the Project Basis guy was on leave, and of course – the system failed to come up. The Basis team were now faced with a Production system down, a small outage window and several impatient Users.

The first Basis guy went through several logs, looking for hardware, Oracle, Operating system and SAP errors. This process was long and drawn out, with no guarantee of finding the needle in a haystack.

The second Basis guy remembered scribbling down some  notes during the Solution Manager E2E-RCA (End to end Root Cause Analysis) training class. His notes  went something like this:-

  1. Go to the RCA System Analysis workcenter in Solution Manager

  2. Use RCA Change Reporting to find  all changes since last week

  3. Compare Production to Test and  check differences


Within 2 minutes, the second Basis guy delivered the following:-

  1. All changed parameters including new and old values

  2. Exact date and time of changes.

  3. A Solution Manager userid and password for the first Basis Guy.


Remember, always look in the Solution Manager toolkit and select  the most appropriate tool for the job. Solve the problem  swiftly and safely. Solution Manager can help you save the day.

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