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Information compliments Intelligence…

Information brings/felicitate intelligence…however Correct Information is the key to Intelligence….


Checked an article that Coke is using RFID technology to collect information of Customer perspective (Coke’s RFID-Based Dispensers Redefine Business Intelligence). It is wonderful utilization of technology.  The collected information will be used to formalize correct and effective strategy and processes to meet the specific demands.


Intelligence is always required. The Data mining, analytics offers complete new environs of Information. This experiment again emphasizes and proves that right information is very vital. I am not sure if it’s already capturing the climate conditions, type of outlet at the time of drink order in dispenser. This kind of information, trends are very important in establishing or redefining the strategy, rectify mistakes (if any) to achieve more success.


The type of outlet is important for any company since only right and complete information leads to right decisions. For example, in a burger joint or pizza joint cold drinks will sell more. However at the eating joint, beer will sell more. Moreover time is important since in evening, tea might sell more and in morning juices will win.


The right information puts the right perspective to the reports clients regularly see or want to see. This simplifies the job of management or may be rectifies will be right word.

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