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Flexing the Buying Center

In Today’s World, it becomes more and more difficult to get a Deal. The Basis for making a Deal is to first successfully evaluate and understand the relationships and influence that each customer contact plays within a given opportunity. This often can make the difference between winning and losing a deal.

Sales Professionals must be observant and assess not only the reporting relationships that exist within a customer’s organization but the more subtle characteristics, opinions, and other factors which can significantly impact the sales process.


The new graphical Buying Center called Flex Graphical Buying Center (GBC), in the context of an Opportunity or an Account, supports each Sales Professional to track and maintain all this information in the system in a simple and efficient way.


It visualizes both the contact relationships and characteristics which influence the purchasing decision. The Sales Professional is able to maintain various attributes about contacts like:

  •  Contact characteristics (Influence in the purchasing decision, Opinion of Us, etc.),
  •  Partner function role (decision maker, endorser, influencer, user, assessor, etc.)
  •  Contact relationships (contact 1 reports directly to Contact 2).


It provides the Sales Professional with graphical editing tools; simplifying maintenance of the buying center by making modifications as easy as “drag & drop”. Any modifications made in the Flex GBC would automatically result in an Update of the data in the Briefing Card. (for example: redirecting the reporting line from one contact to another contact should result in a modification to the contact relationships grid for each of the contacts effected by that update etc.). It is also possible to “Hide” the Briefing Card, to have more Space for the Graphic. “Zoom In” and “Zoom Out” Functionality helps the Sales Professional to get more Information of each Contact displayed or to get an Overview of the Buying Center. Another nice Tool is the “Details” Functionality. The Sales Professional is able to do a mouse-over at each Object of the Buying Center and gets all Information to the Object displayed in a separate Infobox at the Screen. The free form notes/comments overlaid on to the graphical view, allows to flexible capture contact information, which is really valuable to members of the sales team. Via the Align Button, the Sales Professional is able to do an automatic arrangement of the Contact Object, that they are aligned to each other. And of course the Buying Center can be printed, that the Sales Professional can take his print out to the client side and knows directly whom to contact.


These are really nice features with good performance. So the new Flex GBC is really a great Tool to support Sales Professionals. To get an impression see the Screenshot underneath.




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