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Bringing SCN to me!

Just recently we announced a full rollout of NewsGator powered widgets all over the site however while talking to a few people lately I found out that many really didn’t realize the “power” behind this move and the freedom it gave them in terms of SCN content.

 The following screen cam is about 4 minutes of showing you how easy it is to “take” SCN content and put it where you want it! Optimize your day and get your content delivered to where you want it the most!


Rate it here or view it larger here.

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  • Hello Craig,
    i am searching somehting like this for the forum topics, but as i can see it is not available for the forum, right?

    Let me explain what i am searching for:
    I want to observe some forums that are interesting for me and where i can give some input to the community. But i always have to open the different forums and refresh them everytime if i want to see new topics. It would be great if there is a gadget or anything else that would publish the new topics (topic name, author, replies and date) to anywhere i want (maybe a RSS Feed or anything else).


  • Craig, well done with this easy description of how to grab stuff from SCN and post in other areas.  This NewsGator project has been a long time coming behind the scenes to get it in place, and you've done a great job making easy to understand and do.  Nice!