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As you may have noticed, we recently added a new rating and review functionality to library content.


As the project and product manager for this new and exciting feature, I wanted to share my vision of why we need ratings in our communities.


As community members, we have many ways of giving your feedback on blogs, forum posts, wiki spaces and more…but what about other types of content?  What if you:

  • just read a spectacular article?
  • attended an exceptional webinar?
  • discovered that one of our eClasses to be, well, not so great?


Community members can now rate content with their feedback.

Simply go to the item’s cover page and rate and write a review…it’s that easy!


With this new functionality, the community has a new way of navigating the massive amount of content available in our virtual library using direct feedback from other community members.


For example, I would be much more interested in reading a highly rated article because this would mean that someone from the community has already read it and found it valuable, versus a poorly rated item.


This will also help the content owners determine quality standards: they will be able to see what the community considers to be good and keep moving in that direction.

Meanwhile, content that is poorly rated will compel its authors to improve.


During the next few of months, we will see our rating system grow and evolve with additional functionalities and content types added.


I invite you all to use this feature.


Please feel free to share ideas on how we can improve.

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  • I would say, you should enable this feature not only for article but also  for any items in SDN. Like Blogs, forum posts every web pages. But should not be prompted before reading. But may be below... any time users should be able to rate an item.
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  • I would say, you should enable the feature like not to exist the page after using/ reasing the article or an content in SDN. So that every one  who reads the article will has to give the rating. But may be below... any time users should be able to rate an item.

    Many thanks

  • Well thanks it is indeed a giant step to lease the potential of SDN at max.Would indeed improve the content material and will strengthen the SDN forum writers.Needless not to say one of the permanent motivation to the regular bolggers.Adding to it a background theme would add tinge to surf the SDN.
  • It will really help to improve the content of all writers and especially for beginners, who can valuate them selves for further contents and will focus to be more and more perfect and up to the mark.

  • How about adding this feature to SAP notes?  It would allow customers to translate them from SAP-speak into languages such as English.
  • How do you rate a blog, like this one, i really like some of the blogs, which are not really  specifically SAP stuff but are integration of SAP. Let us know if something similar is planned for blogs too.



  • I really think that this is a good first step. The one negative comment I have is that from a user experience perspective it is annoying to have a cover page for each piece of content. Surely you can have a rating system that sits alongside the content rather then "in the way" of the content? I think something a little less intrusive that doesn't introduce an extra navigation step would be better.


  • Its really a better idea which build even other networks strongly. if the same is added in messages raised by Cusotmers of SAP this helps in knowing the customer satisfaction as well.
  • Providing the reviews are objective and reasonably detailed then this will work. It's good to see what other developers think about the content.

    However, like Simon states it's annoying to have a cover page before you get to the content. How can I review something I haven't actually read yet? Go and have a look at MSDN, apart from being a fantastic website, with well written, easy to find content - the review function is unobtrusive.