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The SAP Business Workflow Community- Exemplifies Community

The SAP Business Workflow Community- Exemplifies Community


I just got my copy of Practical Workflow for SAP 2nd edition ( “bestselling expertise on developing and using workflows in the SAP system”)

Not only was I blown away by the depth and breadth of the content and excited to see the authors list filled with community members (Ginger Gatling, Alan Rickayzen, Jocelyn Dart, Erik Dick, Oliver Hilss, Somya Kapoor, Silvana Kempf, Susan Keohan,Thomas Kosog, Paul Médaille, Mike Pokraka, Shalini Sabnani, Jörn Sedlmayr, Ted Sohn) and acknowledgments of help from other SCN folks (Thomas Jung and Michael Hill among them) but I was delighted to see in SAP mentor Ginger Gatling‘s preface the following words:

“I hope you have noticed that all royalties from this book will be donated to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins San Frontieres.  Each author has individually decided to donate his or her royalties.  Your purchase of this book helps us support an international medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid in many countries.  Thank you for enabling us to provide support to his important organization.”


And my delight and pride turned to astonishment and happy laughter with the last sentence of her preface:

“I hope to see you blogging about workflow on SDN after reading this book!”


Go Workflow Community.  You all rock.


*Disclaimer, Ginger bestowed upon me the incredible honor of writing a forward to the new addition.  Here is an excerpt which I hope explains the admiration I have for the Workflow community, many of whom you all know quite well.

“The goal of this book is to get you started in understanding how SAP Business Workflow works, how it fits in with SAP’s overall Business Process Management strategy.  It is meant to provide an overview of workflow usage in SAP ERP, CRM, HCM, and SRM systems.  This book should supply the initial technical knowledge required by the workflow designer and developers, as well as enabling you to understand options for how to ensure each task in the workflow is routing to the correct person. 

The creation of this second addition is itself a study in collaborative process improvement as well as community-minded teamwork.  The authors, 13 in number, hail from 5 countries, 3 continents and multiple SAP community environments. They span our SAP ecosystem by representing customers, partners, independents and employees in varied industries and SAP solution areas.  The authors’ workflow knowledge stems from consulting, development, solution management, education and most importantly practical and extensive field experience.

Knowing as I do the human fabric represented in the author demographics, I dare say the group also is personified by altruistic, supportive behavior, professional as well as social, where sharing knowledge is done generously and munificently, be it by sustaining the work of others in online forum discussions, user groups, customer engagements and events.  Those contributing to the publication of this book exemplify that generosity of spirit and have kindly donated the proceeds of its publication to Doctors Without Borders.   An apt gesture from a group of people who see that where uncertainty is greatest, coordination and response know few limits and boundries. ”

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  • Thanks Marilyn.  First off, we were given the most solid foundation from the original book, and authors Alan Rickayzen and Jocelyn Dart.  Then it was an amazing collaboration effort, with the amazing Ginger Gatling coordinating all the experts from around the world.  And we found the right voice for the forward!  I am so lucky to have been able to contribute in a very small way to this project.  The original book (I still have several copies) has served me very well over the years.  Hope the same can be said of V2.
    • The speed with which this version 2 was accomplished/published was also very impressive.  Anyone who has turned out even a single page of published material knows how intense the process.  I think I was given as much time to write the forward as you guys had for the entire book of over 900 pages!  And I don't think I've seen a professional book from SAP in recent years with as many authors as you worked with.  Orchestrating that into some kind of coherence is no mean feat.  Yep, Ginger is amazing.  As an instructor, teammate and project coordinator few can compare to our Ginger.  Granted, she had outstanding human resources for this book project but to be fair she sure knew how to assemble them. Glad you also give such deserved credits to Alan and Jocelyn.  They have been respected voices in this community for ever.  It is really excellent to see so many of our mentors and top contributors as authors.  Kudos to you all.
  • Hi
    First of all congratulation to the Authors for taking the effort of writing this book. I did not had the pleasure to read the book but from the table of Contents it shows like a compilation of solved threads posted in SDN. I think SDN has played a wonderful part in this and I sometimes feel we miss something when we do not see most of this authors not participating in SAP Workflow forum. I have learned a lot and is still learning from SDN and everyday its learning new things. It adds more spices in life and ofcourse please the client is a different flavour.