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SCN Treffen in Walldorf am Mittwoch 01.07.2009

SCN Meetup Walldorf 2009 – Wednesday 1st July

Wer möchte sich mit mir und anderen SCN Mitgliedern auf ein Bier und gute Gespräche in in Walldorf treffen? Treffpunkt ist am Mittwoch 1. Juli um 19 Uhr in der Marktstube Walldorf auf einen guten Flammkuchen. Später könnte man dann noch ins No.1 Kulturwerk wechseln wo die  Session Allstars Rock-Cover spielen.

Bitte tragt euch in der SCN Wiki Seite SCN Meetup Wallforf 2009 ein.


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  • Frankly am unable to follow the content as this language is foreign to me;as such adds no value.
    Request you guys to post in English [ atleast translate]so the entire community can understand and benefit.
    SDN/BPX is an International community,so pl post the blogs in English only.
    • Ramesh:

      You must keep something in mind...some people just don't know or are not very good in English...but they still want to SCN Team allows them to choose a different language...of course, it's always nice to have a translated blog but can always use Google Translator and translate the whole page -:)

      We just can't force everyone to learn English -;)


  • Hi Gregor,
    That "Flammkuchen" looks really lecker, would have loved to be there last night. Hope you had a good time.

    Keep us posted about the SAP Skill's Congress.

    All the best, Mark.