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IFRA integrated Finance and Risk Architecture

When I replied this morning to a question in Linked on IFRA and why it is not really winning in the marketplace, I realized that even though not directly related to G/L it might be of interet to others.

The post asked the question raised by a customer: Do we really need this integration. After all, risk data is pretty different in nature, requirement and calculation method to accounting data so why bother.

First you have to segregate the technical side from the business side.

From a pure technical side having a coherent homogeneous source of information is better than trying to compare data coming from different sources with different periodicity and different valuation methods.This is the big value of Bank analyzer.

But as one political person once said you might be technically right and politically wrong.

The truth is that Risk mgt and Accounting departement are usually competing for power and the information system  is usually a way to differentiate yourself. “Who here runs the information runs the show”. (ministry of information)
So we are basically in the same situation as we were in the 90s with ERP. I have seen a lot of installations of R2 only with accounting and another one in the same company for purchasing with batch interfaces !
Who recalls that in the 80s each department in a company had his own IT systems in splendid silos?

We , consultants, need to be more professional in presenting the business case and overcoming the internal political fight , in a nutshell doing a real consulting job and not merely a technical project.

But it takes time, efforts and courage not always compatible with fixed price projects.
So as Descartes would say “Take the current most popular belief in order to survive daily and at the same time elaborate the truth until you can present it without hurting the feelings of the crowd.”
And to conclude as one of my (distant) relative once said during his Inquisition trial ” Eppur si muove” Galileo Galilei (Nonetheless, it moves- the earth around the sun) 

 I recommend that you join the SAP Banking group in Linked to follow this conversation as I have seen already a very wise reaction to our posts.I did not quote the names of the contributors for privacy reasons but you will discover them if you join the group.

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