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SAP Retail and the Social Media phenomenon

There is no denying the huge juggernaut bearing down upon the information age. Social Media has grabbed us and where it takes us is anybody’s guess. Its like a V12 engine with turbo and no muffler. Already we see the network effect of it, much like the advent of the personal computer that put into the hands of the individual seemingly unlimited computing power.  We now have unlimited real-time communications that enables us to find and connect with one another in new ways, giving us the ability to espouse our opinions and influence one another.

No industry is more subject to these  social influences than Retail. Consumers online nowadays can rant and rave but above all the noise is the best result: they are buying. They use the web to shop, to evaluate, to experience the brand. Consequently, they shop more often. In economic times that have seen a dearth of shoppers, web shoppers are bucking this economic trend. I could write a blog on this alone (and will…).

This blog is not going down that path, but more importantly, to announce that SAP Retail has launched a page on Facebook. You can join us here. Find new friends in the SAP Retail group, view a schedule of upcoming events, see videos read our blogs and chat with other peers interested in SAP Retail on our wall. Most importantly is to establish the connection. We plan to grow the site and add additional content weekly.

So in the spirit of social media, please let us know what you think, either here or on the SAP Facebook page.

See you there!

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