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Web Intelligence Reporting for SAP ERP

After the release of the Data Federator SQL Do you want to query SAP BW using SQL?, we wanted to go a step further and query directly the ERP using the same technology.

We worked with the Paris labs team to extend our connector and deliver a prototype helping you to create ad-hoc WebI reports on top of the SAP ERP. You can get more details and download the prototype SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Reporting for SAP ERP.

This prototype queries the ERP using RFC functions but we are looking for feedbacks on how to improve and add features which could add value to your business.

Feel free to contact us with ideas and use cases which could be valuable for your business.

Thanks in advance,


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  • This connector is really helpful!

    I have couple of questions:

    1)What is the planned release date for the connector to be used in a Production environment?

    2)Are there any plans to extend the connector functionality to query R/3 tables or SAP Infosets similar to the Crystal reports connector?



    • Deepu

      We are working to improve the prototype to support Infoset and get more feedbacks from our customers.

      I cannot communicate publically about future release dates.


      • I have DF installed with XI 3.0 SP1 FP2, while applying the Fix pack 8 from the attachment I got an error saying that I do not have the correct version of the DF software to apply Fix Pack 8.

        Should I be on a newer fix pack inorder to apply Fix pack 8? I could not find anything else in SMP for Windows 64 bit.


  • Hi all,
    this is exactly what we are looking for.
    We actually use Universes in WebI to query BW. At the moment we are looking to get data from ERP, doesn't matter tables or RFC functions.
    Could you say anything about the release plan.
    Thanks and best regards
    • Oliver

      Excellent news, drop me an email as we are looking for customers who want to test this prototype before to implment the final product.

      We are working on the version 2 of the prototype (probably released in Nov 09) to support the ERP Infoset and the last version of Data Federator.

      The plan is to productize it in 2010.

      • Hi Frederic,

        Do you have any details on when (approx. date and product version) this will be available for production usage?



  • I need to read more than one cube from BW as data source and use both 2 cubes in one universe can I do this because I found an article that use only one cube


    • Mohamed

      The strategy used to generated automatically the Universe (data foundation + business layer) supports only supports only one infoprovider (Infocube, Multiprovider or DSO).

      However nothing prevent you to connect to multiple infoprovider manually in the Universe.

      The team is working to update the Universe strategy to support multiple infoproviders.

      Hope this helps,


  • Frederic,

    It appears as though the DF always maps a DEC ABAP data type to a string data type when creating a data source from an RFC function.  The issue I'm finding with this is that when trying to use the conversion function ToDecimal or ToDouble in DF, I'm getting an error stating that a VARCHAR cannot be converted to type DECIMAL.  Any help you can provide?