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Imagine IT as a Revenue Generator!

Imagine IT making revenue for your organization on non-competitive custom code in SAP systems.  Or imagine delivering a project under budget, quicker, and on scope by purchasing code for a cost less than coding it, especially for large implementations.   Well this is what a company called B2BSX presented at the last 2 ASUG EA Days in Houston and Calgary. 

Now consider this, a business requirement where there is an 80% fit in a technology solution provided by an SAP product you already own.  The solution, however, has a key gap in its functionality which is a show stopper for the business. What do you do?

The gap is small enough that a partner solution would be too much and costly. Considering a whole new best of breed solution would be overkill especially if you own the SAP product.  Meaning you would have to custom code the solution which can be tedious.

How about buying the source from a customer who already developed the solution including support? This is what B2BSX does! Not only that, but the company who developed the solution will receive 50% of each sale with complete anonymity plus keep the original intellectual property.

Now all you have to do is figure out how to charge revenue to your financials.

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  • Darin, thanks for the blog posting.  I am very interested in hearing what the top concerns are for such a code exchange, especially from a technical perspective.