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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The German version of the “ABAP Programming Guidelines” has been released by SAP Press.

The English version will follow in the next months (planned for September).



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  • I'm quite anxious to learn the content of this book since so many time, even expert still need to debate on how the correct programming approach should be when writing an ABAP Program.

    Referring to the title, Official ABAP Programming Guidelines, I suppose this book can be quoted as reference to resolve any argument that might raised especially in code review activity. However, I'm quite interested learning that this Blog title is 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. May I know why you choose it as the title of the blog?

    • There are good programming practices and bad programming practices (a generally accepted fact). In most cases, bad programming practices are not really a problem for the ABAP Compiler and the ABAP Runtime Environment. But bad programming practices are a big problem for human beings!

      The author must understand his own programs – even after a longer break. Other developers must understand an author's program – for example during code inspections. Other developers who have to modify or to enhance code must understand that code. Maintainers must read and understand code that is passed to their maintenance organization.

      -> Human beings as the center of attention

      The rules of the ABAP Programming Guidelines aim at programs that are beautiful in the eyes of all beholders: program authors, other developers, maintainers, and last but not least users!

      Of course they also support programs that are robust, usable, barrier free, readable, maintainable, and follow its author’s intention.

      Kind regards