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Standards and role of Data Quality with Masterdata


Let me quote what Wikipedia states about the ISO 8000-110: ISO 8000-110, Data quality – Part 110: Master data: Exchange of characteristic data: Syntax, semantic encoding, and conformance to data specification (revision of ISO/TS 8000-110:2008); basically states the importance of bringing standardization and advantages of the data quality in a MD space with the DQ.

What have we from this certification …

Most importantly the MDM implementation is assured of seeking advantage of the implementation of a data quality program already available as part of the system , hence leading to a highest intangible of customer/vendor confidence of data requirements to be accurate.

I think we may all agree to three main MD benefits viz:

1. Application interpretable data requirement statement

2. Unambiguously labeled data

3. Automated gap analysis

While the program we post and undertake as part of a diligence with most client may be a separate initiative that organization will need to seek should not be linked to the MDM program. Newer cutting edge technologies and processes in today’s industries have emphasized the important role in the complexity of information sharing. Business Suite 7 launched by SAP in another view of looking at the same. The additions of the Internet and revelations in interface design have resulted in companies being closely intertwined with each other and the consumer (GDS for GS1 could be an apt analogy in the mdm world) which we as consultant should be able to leverage. With the simultaneous transfer of information constantly taking place, it is more important than ever for clients to share and display quality data – a place where MDM can ideally be a hub for the master data. Duplicates and obsoletes have crept in swelling the data size above the expected level – Data quality being the key message here.


QAS Survey indicated only 46% have their own documented data quality strategy which lays an important precedence for the MDM program. More so showing why we as mdm consultant show also focus on the DQ functionality and due diligence study helping the MDM implementation.


I welcome thoughts on the same. 

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