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Shifting Gear in BI – 1

With the advancement of Business Object Enterprise as the main focal point & ‘tool to go’ for the new SAP reporting landscape, it is very important to do a preparation & chalk out a strategy for the gear shift. Broadly, we need to do the following –

     Ø  Have a Definitive Strategy.

Ø  Current State Assessment.

Ø  Understand what the new suite has in store

Ø  How it is going to FIT in to the enterprise requirement.

Ø  Take a chance to improve the backend systems.

      There are several ways to kick-start the initiative and one of the key components will be to check back with the business what they need for further in BI reporting. It will be very interesting, if the answer is ‘they are happy’ with the current situation. Maybe, having a reporting solution on Classical SAP BW reporting with Portal integration, having a definitive well defined Dashboard is what Business needs to run. May be they don’t need anything further, but just want to settle down in stability. So just explaining, this is what is the SAP’s go to strategy now and there will be no ‘general maintenance’ further etc might not be convincing enough to sell the idea. This is one the reason, as a IT team the driver needs to have definitive idea about the roadmap of this new suite and also what are new ‘good’ things it is bringing and what it is doing to improve the current state.

     This was a well known fact that, SAP BW comes with a great backend tool, which contains a superior data warehousing capabilities, great ETL options, segregation of master data, time dependency, archiving,  you name it. But where it seriously lacked is having a best quality of reporting solution. Well can be debatable to some of us. To those enterprise, who used the tool with a great thought process, definitive strategy, helped user community to adopt what that classical SAP BW system provides. I remember one of my clients, way back in 2002, had a great dashboard tool for their supply chain business, completely on WAD. Worldwide users used to love it. The user adoption, satisfaction was high. When I look at the new options, I wonder from their perspective, why should I change? Similarly, one of my friend says, who cares about Blu Ray, I am happy with my LCD TV.

    This is exactly the situation, where you need to have a very good understanding, how this initiative, can make you best from better. This demands a strategy to fit this to make you do just that. Coming back to the debate, it is all about perspective, sometimes you can get the best out of small thing and use it for great usage and sometimes you need more potent accessories to hunt big. Nothing against, where people are happy and I strongly feel, if the change is not for anything better or if you don’t need, don’t change.

    Now, going back to the lack of best quality reporting solution, I was checking in Gartner 2007 issue and find out this so called magic quadrant for BI platforms. We can see where SAP was. And interesting to see where Business Object was there. Now these two has joined forces.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI platforms - 2007


Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI platforms - 2007
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