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SAP Community Day Brisbane – BoF – Best Practices for External Portals?

SAP Community Day – Brisbane

Mastering Technologies starts this Sunday, and as usual, it’s kicked off by SAP Community Day. Just like TechEd’s SDN Day (which I hope still runs this year), these unconference events are one of the highlights for me.

BoF – Best Practices for External Facing Portals?

So the reason for this short blog is that I’ve volunteered to host a BoF session; partly because I like to share my thoughts and learnings with others, but also because I like hearing counter arguments to my thoughts.  For example, when I discussed ABAP Naming Standards Guidelines last year at a BoF session at TechEd last year, someone said something like, “There’s no way the senior developer in my organisation would adhere to naming standards or guidelines. They don’t even want to do Object programming”, I realised that my dream of a world with global ABAP naming standards and guidelines may be something that requires many more baby steps to achieve (or alternatively, I need to sit back and sing John Mayer’s – Waiting for the World to Change for another 10 years).

Anyway, to give you the gist of what I’d like to discuss here’s a link to the presentation.  There’s no real agenda, but if you have an opinion, good or bad experiences, or just questions…Come along and speak up.

Hope to see you there!

Note – I borrowed the emblem for the presentation which I think should be the mandatory background image for SDN Day presentations…Hope the guys don’t mind…

Also – Does anyone know how to embed a Google Presentation directly in an SDN blog?  It looks like it’s not a supported format 🙁

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  • Hi Matt,
    for those who can't be there - will you post some more materials on these questions? If you're going to improvise and there aren't going to be more detailed slides, I hope somebody can take notes and post them as a weblog because I'd certainly like to read what you've got to say on those points.
    • No fear - I started it yesterday, but I don't want to rush the summary too much since there' so much to talk about.  Probably will be up tomorrow evening if I get time tonight or tomorrow.  FYI - I'm still up for more competing opinions too of course.