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PI/XI: Second Edition: Mastering IDoc Business Scenarios with SAP PI

When three years ago I wrote (together with my colleague Michal Kowalczewski)
my very first SAP Press book: XI: New book: Mastering IDoc Business Scenarios with SAP XII never thought there will be continuation. It turns out however, that there were
a few modifications done to the standard IDoc adapters
(one of which I even tried to promote – XI/PI: sender IDOC adapter packaging ?).
which I believed should also be covered so we decided to .
write a second edition. As it will be out in the beginning of July 2009
I thought it’s time to write about the new things covered inside it. This is how it looks like now:

Mastering IDoc Business Scenarios with SAP PI


Soem of the topics covered in the first version: 

Business scenarios like:
– sending a Pucharse Order via IDOC
– receiving a Sales Order via IDOC
– sending Deliveries, Invoices

Technical scenarios:
– IDoc sender and receiver adapters with SLD configuration
– IDOC tunelling,
– Event Driven IDOC processing
– IDOC bundling
– IDOC mapping examples (Graphical Message Mapping, XSLT, User defined functions)

Now in the second edition now added some more:

Business scenarios:
ALE Distribution model – for most of the business scenarios you need to distribute
master data (like material master, vendor/customer master). In order to send them
you need to maintain a distribution model.

Technical scenarios:
Monitoring IDOC scenarios with Solution Manager – this new chapter shows
how to configure Solution Manager to be able to monitor IDOC exchange
– Completely new IDOC packaging for sender IDOC adapter which is available from EhP1
(Enhancement package 1 for both PI 7.0 and PI 7.1)
Sending IDOCs as ABAP proxy messages – this new chapter shows how you can send each IDOC
as an ABAP proxy message (without any changes to the message control, etc.)
Processing ALE acknowledgment messages as normal PI messages – shows how to send
an ALE ack message as a standard PI message 

Every scenario provides configuration examples for Process Integration
for beginners but also many details for more advanced Process Integration developers and architects.

Hope you will find the information from the book useful and will refere to it many times.

For more information (ordering, availibility) check:

SAP PRESS – Mastering IDoc Business Scenarios with SAP PI – EUROPE

SAP PRESS – Mastering IDoc Business Scenarios with SAP PI – US  

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  • Hi Michal,

    I look forward to getting my hands on a copy of this. I still have a full head of hair thanks to the first rendition of the book! 🙂

    • Hi,

      >>>I still have a full head of hair thanks to the first rendition of the book! 🙂

      hehe 🙂 this is a good one 🙂

      Michal Krawczyk

  • I'm glad you've got a new edition coming out - my old copy of the book is dog-eared, highlighted and has notes scribbled in the margins.  It's traveled to quite a few different client projects with me.
  • As a new PI EDI developer, Inovis TrustedLink before, I am trying to find places to get answers to context issues that get in the way of partner 810 Invoice requirements.  Could you give me some ideas of places to go?