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Active Contributors – Moving to Recent Contributions

It’s been a long time since I last voiced my opinion and/or talked about upcoming changes. Therefore I felt it was a good opportunity for this post, which is about adjustments in our points & recognition program.

A few years ago we started with points as some kind of symbolic and global currency to easier show value, contribution & spirit. Parallel we coined ‘the active contributor’ banknote, representing 250 points. This has enabled you to use this as as a sort of SAP certification and proof of expertise, and many of you have benefitted from this in your careers.  

However, you had to cross this gate only once in your life, so the question start to appear well what if they leave the SAP field for awhile is this still valid? Internally we enjoyed the growing number and included it in our communication, but at the same time we recognized that some of these active contributors have not been active within the last 12 months. In 2008 we / you achieved > 6.500 lifetime with 2.750 annual active contributors. 

In 2009 our best category have been Business Solutions and ABAP, which nicely shows the growing contribution from BPX as well our strong base with ABAP. In 2009 we will add new categories for Industries and  Sustainability to better show contributions & active contributors in these areas

To be more transparent and accurate with all our communications and numbers and to sustain the evidence / SCN certification aspect we decided to officially replace the lifetime by an annual definition in June 2009, and to only refer to these numbers.

We will show the list of all annual active contributors prominently on SCN up from June/July which should enable you to utilize this better for your future plans. Beyond that we plan to show all the alumnis to honor continued contribution.

As an additional motivation to ‘do it again’ we will match the number of active contributors with donations to a NGO. Stay tuned and check our communications for details on this.

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  • Nice blog Michael!  To everyone, as Michael said, we are excited about this change and looking forward to having a real indication of the "fresh dating" of our most active contributors on SAP Community Network.  During the early years of SCN, everyone that was an active contributor had contributed pretty recently.  But now that Community Network is growing up, if we never reset the clock, we were still counting people that may have been active contributors several years ago, but maybe moved on to other careers.  We thought about it and decided this is the best way to make sure we are always measuring ourselves based on the world TODAY and not relying on past successes as an indicator of the health of the community.  So please continue to jump in, contribute, collaborate, and we'll continue to grow the community together! 


  • Great idea to change it to annual contributions instead of lifetime. Having said that I guess my 2 total annual points won't take me far 😉

    - Anne

    • But your 624 yearly points Anne(according to your business card) might.  I guess you can take a little gentle teasing, too.  Lots of us think they know very well who is really active and engaged, who goes the "extra mile" (or kilometer) to help others and help others contribute, but the point (excuse the pun) here is that none of us can "rest on our laurels" of past years.  The real proof of being an active contributor is to be continuously active.  So, it isn't enough to have been last year's star of demo jam (although an amazing feat).  The question will be asked what are we doing now, presently, to engage.
  • Michael:

    Really nice move...I have achieve 1,832 points this year and planning to reach 2K at least -;) and also join the 14K club in the process. I think that having annual points is a great way to see who is actually contribuiting, but let's not forget that "points" are not the only way to measure "engagement" with the community...Anne might achieve only 2 points this year, but no one can't deny that she's a very important piece of this big engine we call SAP Community Network -:)


  • Benjamin Roser. However, clicking his link in the top contributor listing gives a missing page error and although he has an SAP icon next to his name, he doesn't seem to exist.

    Is he a real person or some virtual contributor from Second Life?

    • There are more interested link to show his user profile that he had the last log on to the SDN on 04/09/2008!

      How come he can be the top contributor for 2009?

      Please explain!

  • Hi,

    this is a Good change from lifetime to Annual contribution .Is this rule applying from year 2009 and for the year 2009 also right.
    And is it will consider Points form Jan -July alos for the Top contributor award.


  • I have found another link to Benjamin Roser's profile.  It shows that his latest log on to SDN was 04/09/2008!

    How come he could be the top contributor for 2009!?

    Please give us a reasonable answer!