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What are the Architectural Challenges in your Organization?

Having spent time at the Enterprise Architecture Days and helping put the content together there are some interesting questions that come up…


For example, how do we as enterprise architects become more strategic when the business come to us with a signed cheque ready to implement their next business solution that they heard at Sapphire?  


There are many of you who are enterprise architects.  What are some of the challenges you are facing in your organization? 

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  • Darin,

    One of the archtecture challenges that my organization is continually facing came up in a presentation at last Friday's EA Day in Houston, the challenges concerning data consistency. We need to bring the message back to our organization that when a new company is acquired and a lot of new data is brought into the landscape, or a new interface is introduced, it is not enough to have project-level data standards. Without an enterprise-wide data governance model, including enterprise data standards and oversight, the data reliability can become suspect. Possible outcomes could be failure to maximize value from supplier agreements, and potentially even becoming a regulatory compliance issue. My EA colleague Gabe Rodriguez who also attended the event and I have discussed this issue and have already planned some follow up meetings.


    • I see this at a lot of corporations and witnessed it at an organization I worked at previously.  Depending on the master data it can affect the business adversely causing loss of revenue or bumping up the cost of doing business.

      At any rate, having the appropriate standards, governance, and ownership in place can save the organization a considerable amount of grief.