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I found this video in my daily Google alert on Web 2.0, today. It provides such a nice overview of Web 2.0 that I thought it was worth sharing. Particularly, as I’ve been asked a lot lately what Web 2.0 is (of course, some would argue that Web 2.0 is already on the way out but it’s not clear what the new catchy term will be – maybe Web 3.0, maybe not).


If you care to know where the Web 2.0 term comes from, what Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0 is, and how the term was coined (supposedly), watch on:

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  1. Former Member Post author

    In the ISO Workshop in Milan, Italy on May 7, 2008, John Shakleton, CEO of OpenText Corporation made a presentation titled “Documents of the Future: Enterprise 2.0”.
    May like to access; it is very simple and clear.
    (Not that I attended it; I browsed and located the presentation, out of curiosity!)

    The following sources also may be found valuable:

    Web 2.0 Communities and Mesh Collaboration

    Roadmap to Enterprise 2.0

    Just a sharing!

    Sam Anbazhagan

    1. Former Member Post author

      thanks so much. I can’t wait to check out this content. Really apprecite it you sharing it. Go Weg 2.0 and peer-to-peer communication!


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