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Producing Printed Catalogs with SAP NetWeaver MDM

SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management is a multi-domain solution for master data consolidation and harmonization scenarios applicable for customer, vendor, product, employee or custom-built data objects. When it comes to product data, there is a native SAP NetWeaver MDM feature on which I’d like to draw your attention: It is the definition and publication of printed product catalogs. For this scenario, SAP NetWeaver MDM provides a specific UI client application enabling you to expose MDM repository data to a catalog publication and make the required layout settings in a DTP-like environment. A new how-to guide provides you with insight into this client application (MDM Publisher), drawing a basic publication scenario with the key process steps involved.

I hope this guide gives you an overall understanding of the print publishing capabilities of SAP NetWeaver MDM.

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  • Part 2 of this how-to guide series on print publishing with SAP NetWeaver MDM is in preparation. It is planned to deal with more advanced publications. Soon to come....
    • Hi Markus,
      This is really nice document. Thanks a lot for making concepts clear for us.

      I have a question. When trying to create index as mentioned in the document, i am not able to see "Styles" tab in indexer. Also "Index Keys" tab is also not displaying properties as shown in the document. We are working on SP 06. Please let me know more details about there features.

      Also, In the index preview we are getting XML FORMAT independent of whatever stylesheet we select.

      • Hi,
        Yes, you are correct.
        Over the patches, the UI was a little bit changed.
        The styles of the index is now controlled in the Index Properties Tab, under the Stylesgeet. You can choose between the Basic and Fancy.
        The Index Keys tab UI was also a bit changed.

        Regarding you saying that you see the XML FORMAT independent of whatever stylesheet we select- please chosse a specific Index and not the root to see the style.
        Once you have right clicked on the Index Sources and added for example a publication that was created to Index, then the same index should appear on the right upper side and once it is selcted you should see the XML is the correct format.