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Extensibility was never that easy before CRM 7.0…

Here I would like to discuss some of the striking features of SAP CRM 7.0


Now you can access the custom fields that were added on the fly in CRM system to some third party system (non SAP system) with lot of ease.


Scenario: Suppose you want to add one custom field called “Ranking” in Account business object of the SAP CRM system. After that you want to classify the Account or Business partner of CRM system based on that custom field in some third party system like Business Communication System (BCM).


Basically two steps involves in order to realize this scenario,


  • First is to add the custom fields into the CRM system through Extensibility tool.


Here we are talking about the structural extensibility that covers the broad area of how to add customer specific functionality to application components or solutions that have been delivered by SAP, by adding fields to existing business objects.


Prior to CRM 7.0 basically “Easy Enhancement Workbench” which is an SAP GUI tool used by several CRM Applications (Business Partner, Marketing, Case, Business Transactions etc) for extensibility, but the implementations is not consistent.


But in CRM 7.0 we are using generic tool called “Extensibility tool” which supports the extensibility of all CRM Business objects. This is based on CRM Web Client UI which eliminates manual and technical steps from the user and hence very easy to use. The functionality of this tool also seamlessly integrated into the existing CRM Framework tools.


To activate this tool you need to check the configuration mode from “Personalize” link of CRM web client UI for the rest you can go through the below link to have a look and feel about the tool.

demo path:


  • Second step would be the creation of web service for the custom fields added through extensibility tool in step1.


The custom attributes added via Extensibility tool basically add attributes into the BOL (Business object layer) structures of CRM business object.


After this, we can use new enhanced tool called Web Service tool which is again based on CRM Web Client UI for creating web service. This tool uses certain service objects often called as L1 objects as template for creating new web service; hence there is no need to build the service from the scratch.


You can run this tool either from Sales operations -> web service tool or from BSP workbench (component name: ws_design_tool). Please go through below link for more details.

demo path:


Once you create the web service successfully, you would receive valid WSDL link and that can be used to access the web service from some third party system with credentials.


I did above steps practically in Q9E_506 CRM system.

I first added “Ranking” as custom field and then create the web service named “ZQUERYACCOUNTRANKING“. This web service is basically used for retrieving accounts based on ranking field classification in BCM system.


So, this is a perfect example of how easily our customers can customize SAP CRM application according to their requirements with great efficiency and quality.

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  • hi
    as u rightly pointed out that the EEWB feature in CRM earlier versions is not so consistent.
    i have tried to create some of the additional custom fields for BP, experienced the inconsistancy.

    we hope the enhanced feature of Extensibility tool in CRM 7.0 would be enough consistent

    thanks for the learning update

  • Hi Jaydeep,

    I liked the new feature about extensibilty and hope this will ease down alot of pain for the customers.

    Nice Blog.


  • Hi Jaydeep,

    Thanx for sharing the information in your blog. I must say that with Extensibility tool gaining popularity in the SAP CRM customer base, it will become relatively very easier and flexible to add custom fields as per the business requirement.

    It would be really very good if there are some more tools like Extensibility tool can be invented by SAP which would really help SAP CRM Customers to reduce the complexity.


  • Hi Jaydeep,

    adding single fields is the one thing, adding complete tables the other. I heared that with EhP1 the application enhancement tool will support adding complete tables as well.

    What about now? Having CRM 7.0 w/o EhP1 what method would you recommend to add editable tables to an existing SAP business object, for example you want to add table-like information to the SAP CRM ibase. The information in this table is stored in a Z-table of the DDIC and should be editable (adding new and deleting/changing existing lines).

    Many thanks & regards

  • Hi Jaydeep,
    I was inquisitive about the new product BCM IP-based telephony product.
    Would you mind providing some kind of inputs/ perspective on the same & how & what kind of consulting tasks would be required to roll-out the same at customer site.

    Warm Regards