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BusinessObjects and BusinessSuite 7 … the new SAP BusinessObjects Content Library

I would like to grab your attention for a few moments and point you to a new area here in the SAP BusinessObjects community.


At the starting page of the SAP BusinessObjects community you can now access the SAP BusinessObjects BI content area where we summarize  where you can download all the software you need to start with the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence client tools and we also introduced the new SAP BusinessObjects BI Content library where some of the SAP application teams sharing business content that they are working on.


You can download the software, get up and running with the installation and configuration materialand leverage the provided reports from the SAP BusinessObjects content library in a day and it will provide you a great start to evaluate what you can achieve with the SAP BusinessObjects BI portfolio.


All of these reports are based on a SAP NetWeaver BI Content 7.04 system in regards to the underlying source objects like the InfoCubes and BW queries.


In case there are any questions or problems you can share the details here in the BusinessObjects Integration Kits and I am sure all the experts here from the SAP BusinessObjects community are happy to help so that you are successful in deploying and using the SAP BusinessObjects software.

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  • Question -
    In the BI Roadmap as I understand it, BW customers will eventually be able to use Crystal Reports for BW reporting as part of the standard BW, and not have to purchase the premium license.  So I'm surmising that is why these reports are done in Crystal rather than WebI - that all BW customer will eventually be using Crystal, but not all will license the full BOE suite. I guess what I'm wondering is whether I expect new BW based reporting content to be delivered as just Crystal reports, or  do you ever see Xcelsius/WebI BI content ever being developed as part of Business Content?

    Comment - It was not apparent from the blog title that BW was part of the mix until I read that the reports are based on NW Business Content 7.04. 

    • Hi John,

      the reports are just examples to show what is possible. For sure customers can use all the tools from BusinessObjects to create content and you will see BusinessContent being delivered not just in form of Crystal Reports.
      In regards to the licensing aspect of this we have to wait until that will be clearly articulated.

      hope this helps

  • Ingo,
      Thanks a bunch for you excellent series of blogs.

    The one thing I am not clear at all is what all I need. We have BI 7.0 and would like to explore the BO frontend tools.

    Will just Xcelsius and the SAP integration kit do.

    Please advise. I want to try out the trial version, but I am not sure what to begin with.

    Thanks again.